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Convert 5508 AP Licenses to 5520 Licenses

todd coplien

Is there anyway to move AP licenses purchased for a 5508 Controller to a 5520 Controller? Maybe via Cisco ONE. I've been looking around and at times it seems like the answer would be yes then I read it again and the answer is no. I think the main issue is the Smart Licensing. Maybe someone knows of a workaround though!

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Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

I do not think there is a migration path for licensing.

Only thing you can do is negotiate with Cisco AM & see if you can get the new licenses for a discounted price.



 If your existing license is a Cisco one my understanding is that yes you can transfer. However if it is not Cisco one you will not be able to transfer. However I have seen special cases where Cisco has done some favors for customers. 

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The RTU license makes it easy to just add, but Cisconis trusting the customer on this. Like George mentioned, if you move or are on CiscoOne licensing, then you will be able to transfer the license "support" to the 5520.  Controllers that's require installation of licenses is one product family and RTU is another.  You would be able to transfer your 5520 license to an 8540 for example and a 2504 to a 5508 and vice versa.


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*** Please rate helpful posts ***

Opening the debate again as I see this is 11 months old but I can't see that it has been answered? I'm currently engaged with replacing 14 x 5508's with 5520's and was wondering if indeed the licenses are transferable from the 5508's?



You should ask your Cisco representative for an offer.

Depending on which licenses you have on the 5508 and probably even the country you live in, it's different. My suggestion (that's what I did) is to migrate the old licenses in a special deal to Cisco One licensing (which also adds MSE, Prime and ISE licenses for all APs in the price) which then can be transferred in the same offer to the new 5520. At least we got a nice price for doing this migration, but yeah I think there was a special "upgrade program" running at that time in our country.

So yeah, get an individual offer from your Cisco representative and don't forget to barter a little (for example if you still have a valid service contract on the old controllers).

Thanks for the advice Patoberli, I'll get on the case.

Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

I was told that WiSM2 licenses are non-transferable to 5520/8540, however, licenses from 2504 & 5508 are allowed.  

Try sending an email to with the serial number of the 5508 & 5520.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
No. RTU licensing allows:

• License transfer of access point adder licenses from one controller to another controller only in the same family

The 5508 has no RTU licensing as far as I understand it.

Isn't 5508 and 5520 the same 5500 series family?

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