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Wifi client's cleint Statistic - SNR = 0??

Charlie Grey
Level 1
Level 1

if on the 5500 wlc, i check a wifi client statistic, and the SNR = 0 but the RSSI  = -50 meaning what??

is it the Signal level from AP is v good, yet the environment noise v high causing the overall signal to be poor?

does a SNR =0 resulting any issue to a wifi client???


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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Meaning it is a very noisy environment. 

if it's on 2.4Ghz, i still can change band to 5Ghz.

but if it's already on 5Ghz, then how?

Find out which AP this wireless client has joined.  Post the complete output to the following command: 

show ap auto-rf 802.11a <AP NAME>

So from the output below seem like the issue is not on any external interference factors and more on the Wifi issue issue itself?

(Cisco Controller) >show ap auto-rf 802.11a AP58

Number Of Slots.................................. 2
AP Name.......................................... AP58

Hi, You didn't paste the whole config. Is SNR always 0 for the client/clients ? Low SNR means very noisy environment as mentioned by @Leo Laohoo . But it stays 0 always probably a cosmetic bug with wlc or ap.

Not helpful output.

I am not assisting any further until I see more useful information.

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