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New Release of YDK has been posted (0.4.0)


Both ydk-gen and ydk-py have been updated at github.

Here is a list of features that have gone into the release

  • Introduced netconf service and codec service
    • Netconf service provides APIs to execute netconf operations
    • Codec service provides APIs to encode python objects and decode payloads
  • Support for yang deviation
  • Support for subscribing to model-driven telemetry
  • Logging made more consistent
    • CRUDService outputs type of operation
    • When logging is enabled, all NETCONF messages are logged including commit
    • Log messages at various stages (send RPC request, receive reply, commit etc) instead of logging all at once at the end
  • Updated enums in YDK classes to use enum34
    • Improved enum documentation
  • Improved error reporting for ydk-py and ydk-gen
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