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David Trad
Rising star

Beta-3 Observations

Hi Team,

I think I broke Beta-3 (Ooops I am terribly sorry) - It is not representing the network correctly, and now it is showing up two virtual networks of which I have no idea why it is doing that.

Nice update on the SNMP for the SG-300, it was good to get V3 operational and I had to create a group in order for it to connect to it.

I know for certain that TT-AP-1 has client connected or associated to it, but I also observed that both AP371's had the exact same clients associated to them, at one stage they remained seperate so I don't know what is going on there either, something is a mess with the AP's as well so I cannot work out who is at fault here, is it FindIT or is it the AP's????

Shortly after taking the first screenshot, it rebuilt the topology again whilst I was typing this out, so I added that one in there for discussion sake.

I have already supplied the configs to Dave Harper for the following devices:

1. Cisco 887G
2. Cisco SG-300-10P
3. 2X Cisco WAP-371

I have no other network devices connect to the network than the above three, everything else is client/server based.

I will be testing out more over the next couple of days, I just wanted to give the new beta a whirl once it dropped, nothing like taking a new shiny toy out for a spin :)



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