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Resolved! Missing crypto ikev2 / ipsec command on C8200-1N-4T

Hello, We have just received an C8200-1N-4T router and, unfortunately, we cannot create an ipsec vpn as the crypto commands are not there:hostname(config)#crypto ?RSA-key-pair RSA key pairkey Long term key operationspki Public Key componentsprovision...

botezatu by Beginner
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Problem with access after add a catalyst 9200 to Meraki Dashboard

Hello; After onboard a switch in the meraki cloud We lost the access via ssh TACACS, the switch allowed me to access but the first thing to show is % Authorization failed., if I disabled TACACS I can join in with a local password and work with normal...

P4n0r4m1x by Beginner
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Hello all, I am trying to determine potential End of Sale and End of Life for supervisor engine 8-E.To my surprise, I did not find any EoL reference for SUP 8.Could you please advise if you are aware of any EoL announcement related to SUP 8? (WS-X45-...


Hello, I will be doing a new HX install (FI's included), and I was wondering if I should be considering IMM. Since IMM is SAAS based, I was wondering how you would manage the environment if the Internet is down.  Any info that will allow me to make t...

ODUrasler by Beginner
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No guarda la fecha y hora

Buen día por favor su apoyo para indicar como solucionar un problema que tengo con un cisco 2960 Series, ya que al configurar la hora y fecha lo acepta sin problemas aun guardando la configuración si lo reinicio ya me aparece como si no la hubiera co...

Resolved! Stackwise Question

Just to quickly confirm. If we have three switches but need another added to a stack, we will actually need 2 more cables, correct? One from the third to the fourth and another from the fourth to the first? Thanks


CISCO ASR 12000 NAT configuration

I am trying to migrate configuration from CISCO IOS device to cisco ASR 12000 router.If someone can share equivalent configuration of below cisco IOS command in cisco ASR 12000."ip nat inside source list 111 interface FastEthernet0/0.700 overload"


Hi All,I got 3 existing stack switches in MST with the below config. !spanning-tree mode mstspanning-tree extend system-id!spanning-tree mst configurationname xxxxrevision 1instance 1 vlan 1-4094!spanning-tree mst 0-1 priority 8192!We connected anoth...

Psmurali89 by Beginner
  • 16 replies
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