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LAN to LAN (Switch to Switch) Max ethernet length 1 gig (1000tx)

While I have read that there is a 328 feet or 100 meter max when connecting from one switch to a device (PoE).  However, my question is this.  If I have a Cat 6 or Cat 6a direct connect ethernet cable that runs 372' from one switch to another switch ...

fihunts by Beginner
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Hughes HT2000W fails to communicate with CBS350

I decided to upgrade my SG 200 to a CBS350. When I replaced the SG 200 with the CBS350, everything worked great with the exception on not being able to establish communication with the HT2000W satellite router / modem. When I ping from the new switch...

birch-bay by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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CISCO AMP update

Hello Everyone The new CISCO AMP update 8.1 has many bugs and no GUI to work with when installed. Can we roll back to 7.5 from the AMP dashboard? 

yafaa1993 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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C9800 Wireless Issue

I have a pair of C9800's in HA running my entire wireless infrastructure on our campus. In one of our lab buildings I am seeing may clients sitting in a IP Learn state trying to attach to one particular SSID. I've tested with a Macbook, my Dell and m...

duggu19 by Beginner
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IR829 no internet through AP/GigabitEthernet

Hello,I'm currently trying to configure an IR829GW for use as a mobile hotspot on a company vehicle, but am having an issue where I can not reach the internet through either the WiFi AP, or any of the ethernet ports.*Cellular is configured with an AT...

TriLabs by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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ISE inside ACI Fabric

We are planning the install of a new ISE 3.1 deployment and I have been asked to evaluate the pros and cons of installing the required SNS-3695 appliances within our data centre and physically connecting to our ACI fabric production tenant.I have rev...

Cisco 4451 Micro USB console not working

-Trying to console back into a 4451 Router using Putty-Worked yesterday with same computer and cable-tried different micro usb cables and different computers to console in and they also don't work-confirmed proper COM port in device manager-have rest...

asura3 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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C9500-16-X-A IOS and rommon upgrade

Hi, I recently installed a catalyst 9500-16-x-A. I was wondering how do we perform IOS upgrade from 16.9.5 to 17.3.5? Would the rommon be upgraded as well when we upgrade the IOS? my current rommon version is 16.9.1r my desired version is 17.3.2r. An...

Authentication Failure

Hi All, I'kinda stranded and maybe even stuck for a solution. I'm connected to my Cisco 3650 switch over the console port, when I try to enter enable mode I get an % Error in authentication.cat3650>ena% Error in authentication.I'd like to erase the c...

Resolved! RV340 - unable to login to admin portal

Hi,I have been trying to login to the RV340 admin interface lately but it doesn't work. No matter I enter the correct password or the wrong password, the icon next to the login button just keeps spinning indefinitely. If I click on the username field...

PlyrStar93 by Beginner
  • 49 replies
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3850s in Stack - packages.conf not found after power outage

I have a site with three sets of Cisco 3850 Stacks running IOS-XE 16.12.05b.  The switches are configured for INSTALL mode, and all three stacks are configured to boot to packages.conf.  The switches are on battery backups, but the site has had about...

Nexus 3172TQ - Access ports seem not to accept vlan tagged traffic

Hi,I set up vlans, interface vlans with IPs, access ports, link aggregations and trunk on my Cisco 3172TQ.I also set up a linux machine as a test machine to check the configuration.If I send tagged traffic to the access ports of the switch, it seems ...

urbaman by Beginner
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Co Channel interference 5Gh

I'm getting a lot of CCI on 5Ghz, carried out survey using Ekahau Sidekick.Alot of this are from homes and buisness around our site and other buildings, seen at -80DB5Ghz is currently set to 40Mhz, so we are looking at moving it back to 20Mhz,  In th...

Common Phone Profile 8841

I uploaded a PNG file in the format required for the 8800's. 800x480x24I have also listed in the List.XML.  When I added to the common phone profile under the background image and check the box to override it does not show up on the phone.  Any ideas...

MrButton_0-1674860554946.png MrButton_1-1674860383089.png MrButton_2-1674860461179.png
MrButton by Beginner
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