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Relocated ASA 5510; No Internet Access

Hello,we relocated our Asa 5510 to a new office location and were given a new static IP and router from Comcast. I changed all of the previous rules and interfaces in the ASDM to match the new static IP that was given to us. I can see all of our serv...

GreenT by Beginner
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Hello all, For some reason we had to factory-reset all our new switch C9200LNow after reload the switche : prompt is thereWe download an image.bin from Cisco and copy on a usb stickAt the prompt switche: boot usbflash0:image.binEverything is good swi...

STP cost or priority

Hi,I'm quite aware of Spanning-tree, it's port states, port roles and so forth.But i'm not sure about whether i should configure port cost or port priority if i wanted a different alternate or designated port than what the default settings would resu...

trane.m by Beginner
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Upload speed problem on Catalyst 3750

A client is connected to gigabit port on Catalyst 3750E (15.0(2)SE10a).Catalyst 3750 is uplinked via tengigabit port to Catalyst 6500 (WS-X6704-10GE, 15.1(2)SY15).Edge router is other vendor than Cisco and is configured to shape client's IP address d...

DSS keys on webex calling phone

Hello,  how do we add a DSS/BLF key to a 7861 phone?     I need a key that will show the onhook/offhook state of the other phone,  and can also  be pressed to ring that phone.   Is this a monitored extension?    I see in the CH help that there is mon...

Different expiration dates shown on certmetrics

Hello team,I have a message in the home dashboard of certmetrics stating that my ccie certification expires on Jan 07th 2023, but if I go to the details of the certification the expiration shown is April 12th 2024. Please help me clarify this.

JRV-cr by Beginner
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AnyConnect VPN per user restrictions

We are running FTD firewalls connected to FMC and have AnyConnect fully configured and setup. We are using Active Directory to authenticate users for VPN login.Our office network consists of multiple VLANs that are restricted with ACL rules. All the ...

Edrissa by Beginner
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Jabber Multi-Line and Voice Mail for Shared Lines

Hello,My company recently moved to 12.5 versions of UCM, IM&P, Unity and UCCX. One big reason for this was the multi-line feature in Jabber. Prior to this version we could only outfit our agents with CIPC solutions for softphones. When these agents w...

How many CPU in Firepower 4110

How wonder how many CPU there is in a Firepower Chassis FPR-4110-K9?Two commands with different results. The command "show cpu detailed" gives 8 CPU or core and cat /proc/cpuinfo show 24 CPUs.> show cpu detailedBreak down of per-core data path versus...

bernardca by Beginner
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Resolved! USB not recognized in 3850

Hi all,  Im trying to transfer a IOS image to upgrade a 3850 switch, as soon as I put the USB drive to the front of the switch, I go to the CLI and run the command: show usb-devices summary (it is the only command available) and it shows and display...

ACL Vlan

Good morning !I am a beginner on cisco packet tracer, as part of a project that I have to carry out I am currently blocked at the level of ACLs, to put you in context I have 5 Vlans:V10 -> -> -> -> 192....

Ragounee by Beginner
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Cisco SME cluster vs CUCM cluster version

Hi, I assume that we can upgrade our SME cluster to a version that will be different than the CUCM cluster. Or do we have to upgrade all clusters to the same version at the same time? I'm looking for a document that explains how to upgrade such a clu...

f.gouger by Beginner
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