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"ACI Simulator AlwaysOn - V6" - Rarely operational...

Over the last few weeks I've had nothing but issues with the always-on lab. I am guessing it is getting attacked/broken by bad-actors or it is buggy. Using the ACI 5.2 reservation-only lab has been a good workaround but this lab has been decomissione...

jbekk by Beginner
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LACP bonding issue

UCS 480M5 with VIC 1455 (4x 25Gb links) and N9K TORs. The UCS server runs Oracle DBs on RHEL82x N9K switches have been vPC LACP (active) mode. From server side 2 links, VIC ports 1&2 go to switch 1 and 3&4 go to second switch. PortChannel on the VIC ...

SamCU by Beginner
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AP 2802 Logs

Hi,Does anyone know what do these logs mean? Users are complaining about loosing connectivity every now and then.un 5 11:39:16 kernel: [*06/05/2023 11:39:16.1330] +000000001 Jun 5 11:39:25 kernel: [*06/05/2023 11:39:25.4924] Interfacing with unit 1...

moudar123 by Participant
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pre-auth ACL for guest webauth portal- WLC 9800

Hello everyone, I'm having troubles writing a proper pre.auth ACL for our guest portal. We use a custom HTML page with a script that sends 1812 authotrizations to a radius server. Now, with a "free-for-all" ACL where I open every TCP port towards any...

DHCP Client Not Working: network Mode does work

Have a router directly connected to virtual pc gns lab:network pool mode it obtains dhcp address. Client mode it does not. Here's the client pool configip dhcp pool PC1host PC1default-router

hfakoor222 by Enthusiast
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pwr-c1-1100wac v01 vs v02

Hi,What is the difference between pwr-c1-1100wac v01 and v02 power supply?I cannot find any information or specs about it.Thank you in advance,Best regards,Bert

BDSke1 by Beginner
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IOS upgrade

I am planning on upgrading another 4221 Router to bengaluru-17.6.5. The current Ios is 16.09.07.  Also, this is from the show platform:Slot      CPLD Version        Firmware Version--------- ------------------- ---------------------------------------...

fiber switch

HiI wonder waht models do replace the WS-C4500X-16 and WS-C3850-12S.What is important is that all ports are fiber ports.What are Cisco switches (Layer 2) that only are 1GB fiber ports. I could only find SG-350 10-port fiber switch! Is there any other...

moudar123 by Participant
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Performance Xconnect with l2tp over wan

Hi, I have two isr4331 with isp channel about 300 mbit, and I needed to connect two vlans, I decided to use xconnect over l2tpv3 with ipsec and after configuring and testing I noticed that with 100 mbit traffic qfp = 70-80%, is it normal for xconnect...

dijix1990 by Participant
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Cisco ISR 4331 not booting normally and not configured

Hi All,when i tried configure Cisco ISR 4331 Router it hanged 2 twice and i restart it, after restart it working normally and i am not able to configure it. below is the outcome. Please help me to understand tunnel Open a tunnel connectionucse UCSE s...

NED way of working and best practices

The purpose with this material is to give you a better insight of what a NED is and what it can do. This version explains: NED Best PracticesWhat a NED contains and what it doesn’t containNED version management and when a NED upgrade vs migration is...

florensk by Cisco Employee
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