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Resolved! 2960L 8TS LL upgrade procedure

I've got a couple of 2960L 8 port switches that I need to upgrade, and I was wondering if they were basically the same procedure as upgrading a 2960x 48 port switch? Since I do not have remote access to load the code, I was going to have someone load...

Internet to switch from Firewall

So we are gearing up to replace a netgear switch with a Cisco Catalyst 9300 and I have a few questions regarding the config between the switch and the firewall. The firewall acts as a DCHP server, DNS, and handles all routing so in our case the switc...

kcross by Beginner
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Resolved! Send multicast stream

Hi Can we use a PC like win8 or 10 or windows server as a video resource to send multicast stream? Thanks

WebEx App standard calendar issue

Hey, in the webex app every morning it starts with the overview about my recent meeting rooms I have joined.when I set the preference for calendar to Microsoft Outlook and I have my daily diary shown, this view again disappears at the next day. I hav...

Question about migration between core switches

Hello, I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction.  We are currently using a Cisco Nexus 5596 as our core switch and the directive has been given to migrate to a Cisco C9407R.  Everything that I have found online in the way of ...

High CPU utilization and memory utilization issue

1.Reason that we see High CPU utilization issue for router and switches.commands --SH process cpu ? like that right?2.Reason that we see High memory utilization issue for router and switches.here when we see High memory Utilization issue then is it r...

knaik99 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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acceptable interface saturation

What is acceptable interface saturation/utilization before an upgrade is needed?The interface from my core router to my core switch is hitting about 50% utilization consistently. In the past, it was around 65% and I did not notice any issues. When do...

A Call Distribution in UCCX like Line Group

Hi All,Actually, I have a Customer who uses UCCX 12.5.1 and everything has been configured in UCCX. Before that, The Customer has had A CUC Call handler And a Top-Down Line Group in CUCM. Now The customer wants the same situation in line group for th...

AlirezaR by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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C1000 Switch Does not have EIGRP Option?

I'm racking my brains trying to figure out why, a Cisco product do not have EIGRP as an option for the router command. I am trying to implement EIGRP OTP to simplify our network, does anyone have any ideas how to enable the feature or does the C1000 ...

neribm001 by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Jabber Multi-Line and Voice Mail for Shared Lines

Hello,My company recently moved to 12.5 versions of UCM, IM&P, Unity and UCCX. One big reason for this was the multi-line feature in Jabber. Prior to this version we could only outfit our agents with CIPC solutions for softphones. When these agents w...

IP Replication Network

Hello everybody,i do have a quesiton regaridng design. in our company (medium size) it was up to now typical to have a dedicated storage network based on Fibrechannel. interrupt was done by FCoE but this was not a lasting solution. but it seems that ...

Anyconnect Organizational Unit DAP Policy

On Anyconnect (Version 4.10.06079) I am trying to use a DAP policy that has an Endpoint Criteria that tries to match the OU field in the returned Certificate attached the field I am referring toThe OU in the certificate is multilayer by that I mean i...

andydaws by Beginner
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