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ASR 920 series routers console port

 Hello Everyone,   I am a 20+-year veteran user of Cisco routers and switches but I am fairly new to the ASR 920 series. Recently, I purchased 4 asr920’s for a specialized project. Imagine my surprise when I went to set them up and found that the co...

9120 APX unable to upgrade to ap1g7-k9w8-tar.153-3.JK5

Just for background We have a wireless network with 1560 running mobility express. I'm looked to see if i can add a spare 9120 AXP to the network as a subordinate AP. I check the software matrix and found that as the 1560 is running i will...

Upgrading Firmware Catalyst 9500

Trying to do an upgrade on firmware for a Catalyst 9500 from 16.12.04 to newer 17.1.1.  Using this article for guidance: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst9500/software/release/16-12/release_notes/ol-16-12-9500.htmlThe articl...

mramj499 by Beginner
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MAC Flap

Hello, I see the following in syslog from an IDF (C3850) switch in our warehouse. The gig interfaces flapping are Extreme Networks 410i wireless access points, and the port channel is the link back to the MDF. 3: Nov 27 22:23:22: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_N...

Cisco 4500x SUP Recovery Issues

Good DayFirst off YES I know this stuff is old, I just manage and have no budget :0) With that said, I currently have multiple SUP cards on 3 different chasis's (SUP 6L+E, 7L+E) all having the same issues. They are up with no redundancy and I do have...

Troy C. by Beginner
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Cisco MWR 2941 - CF card problem

Hello,I have recently bought MWR2941 router to my LAB.It had CF card inside but I didn't know how to power it up.I have order 24V 8A power supply and finaly was able to turn it on but...Rommon say it can't boot from flash.I have mwr2941-adviprank9-mz...

cisco ISR 11000 Stuck after image validated Please HELP!

Rom image verified correctlySystem Bootstrap, Version 16.9(1r), RELEASE SOFTWARECopyright (c) 1994-2018 by cisco Systems, Inc.Current image running: Boot ROM0Last reset cause: PowerOnC1111-4P platform with 4194304 Kbytes of main memory........no vali...

UCCE zip tone

Hello,We have a PCCE 12.6. We use Auto answer with zip tone for our agents. But many of them reported that the tone is too soft and quick that they often miss it, especially when they are busy with other tasks.Do you know if we can change the zip ton...

atoxet by Beginner
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