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Trying to activate a Cisco 7821

Good afternoon! I recently purchased the 7821 for my shop. Unfortunately, I do not have past experience with IP Phones. I plugged in my device and it is asking me for some kind of activation code. Keep in mind that it’s the only device so it’s not co...

AP cannot join c9800

Hello, Anyone can help to tell why the AP9120 cannot join c9800 with version 17.5 again. The AP could join the wlc before, now it cannot. Thank you Jul 21 02:16:53 kernel: [*07/21/2021 02:16:53.0003] CAPWAP State: DTLS SetupJul 21 02:16:53 kernel: [*...

Resolved! SD Guest Wireless Question

HICan i set up a Wirelss Guest Network without using any Portals (hotspot, self registered) I have recntly had a visit to a  fast food restaraunt and I connected to their Guest SSID and was just granted Internet access without any Portal/AUP etc, wou...

Network security presentation topics?

I'm a new cybersecurity analyst, and l've been tasked with creating a presentation on network security. The main focus is on configuration, setup, best practices, or technologies expected to emerge in 2024. Any suggestions on what topics should I cov...

nibilki5 by Level 1
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Acceso a SNTC

Estimados, buenos días. Su amable apoyo ya que se creó una cuenta para el cliente <<omito por seguridad>> pero lastimosamente al intentar ingresar al portal services.cisco.com para validar equipos extraídos del Collector, nos redirige siempre a esta ...

redesti by Level 1
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factory reset C31108TCV

hi all,how do you reset the above switch as theres no physical reset button, so i imagine its all done via command lineis it this write erase reload System configuration has been modified. Save? [yes/no]: n Proceed with reload? [confirm]y delete f...

AP not join Controller after upgrade

I have C9800-L-C Access Point 1832 2802 9115 After Upgrade Controller from 17.3.4 to 17.9.5, AP not join Controller and version AP is 17.8.0 I downgraded to 17.6.6 but AP still won't join. Last disconnect reason in 9800 is AP auth Failure Console AP ...

ntlong3 by Level 1
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2960x switches update key length

I had a vulnerable scan done and our switches are showing a diffe 1024 key that needs to be replaced/updated. I am fairly new to cisco and unsure what commands I need to run. I triedenableconfigure terminalcrypto key zeroize rsacrypto key generate rs...

Resolved! Android App

I have noticed, on the Android app, when I go to look at My Activity that even though there are replies I cannot see them. Has anyone else noticed this?