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C3850, Why is below static route EIGRP redistributed?

Hello.Inside a C3850 switch 4 stack, I don't understand why the below static route is being redistributed. Please assist?...#sh run | inc ip route route ip route entry for

Resolved! Full scans on file server creating GBs of temp files

Hey all,We have AMP SE doing a full scan on our file server. It takes about 18 hours to do a full scan. But the real issue is that it's filling up C:\Windows\Temp with 70+ GB of files and doesn't seem to clear them.If we manually clear the temp files...

itguy1024 by Beginner
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DescriptionSmall Form-factor pluggableDefinitionSmall form-factor pluggable (SFP) is a compact optical transceiver. Cisco Transceiver Modules support Ethernet, Sonet/SDH and Fibre Channel applications across all Cisco switching and routing platforms....

ITA Terms by Community Member
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Resolved! Cisco 9120AXI-EWC-E deployment not working

Hi all!I bought a C9210AXI-EWC for a small location.I configured an ip address on Gigabit Ethernet 0. My switchport is configured as a trunk and native vlan.I'm not able to ping the EWC.cdp neighbor detail on the switch is showing the ap, but no mana...

as00001111 by Beginner
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Umbrella, AD Connector, Virtual Machines, and DNS

Hi Everyone,I hoping someone out there is having the same issues and found a solution. I work for a school. BYOD environment, large Extreme Networks WiFi deployment with multiple VLANS. I have been attempting to setup the Umbrella AD Connectors, I ha...

jcosta by Beginner
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TFTP IOS Upgrade -> Permission denied - Cisco AP

Hello guys,im trying to giving a AP a Lightweight or Autonomous Image (both not working). The AP has no image rn and it is blank. It is a AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9(It had both images kw7 and kw8 but when i deleted it and tryed to do it myself then it didnt w...

ap blank.PNG Unbenannt6.PNG Unbenannt.PNG Unbenannt..PNG

Prefix delegation state in SOLICIT

When i want to turn on prefix delegation on my router the prefix state stays in Prefix State is SOLICIT instead of OPEN.GigabitEthernet0/0/0 is in client mode    Prefix State is SOLICIT (3)    Retransmission timer expires in 00:00:03    Address State...

Rottot by Beginner
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9800-L WLC Guest Portal

Sorry this is a bit long, but wanted to provide some details on my design.I have 5 regional offices. All APs at the remote offices are in Flex Configuration. I have a Guest WLan and use ACLs on my Cisco Routers/L3 switches to isolate the traffic. The...

Stackwise Virtual: Change domain ID.

What is the process for changing the domain ID of an existing Stackwise Virtual stack?  Is it similar to VSS or is there a different method?  Can you just change the domain ID and reload the stack?

Resolved! ISE Guest Approval Sponsor Mail

I have set up an ise guest portal. The guest can register himself, but must be approved by a sponsor. If the sponsor then clicks on the link, he is logged into the sponsor portal via SSO and sees the account under Pending Accounts. If you want to app...

mgollob by Beginner
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