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ISR4331 cEdge assistance

Dear Community,I am manually trying to onboard a 4331 onto our SDWAN Fabric. I am in the process of getting the underlay configured (WAN IP, Default Route, DNS server etc.). I have dozens of these in the past with no issues. However, this router is h...

RVS4000 Vlan Issues

So i've tried just about everything i could with this to no result, and i'm not sure if its maybe something i'm doing wrong or not putting in correctly. So currently i have a network that looks like thisModem > RVS4000> Port 1 (Main Business 192.168....

dj2099113 by Beginner
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coverage end date is blank

Hi, I am polling Cisco API for  Get Coverage Status by Serial Number https://developer.cisco.com/docs/support-apis/#!serial-number-to-information/get-coverage-status-by-serial-numbers The API call is successful but the API does not return anything in...

Frank by Beginner
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Firepower FTD high CPU

Firepower FTD CPU 07 spiked to 100% earlier today. And it corresponds to the same time there was a spike on snort03. Snort-busy Frame drops - Snort busy started averaging 100 drops/sec.Is there a way for me to identify what traffic may have started t...

Migrating from NEXUS 9K to SG350XG

Hello..With a lot of help I was fortunate to get my whole system [ISR - FPR -NEXUS] configured withmy NAT and ACL's and so on/so forth.I love the Nexus, and I plan on getting to know it better with some more advanced features,best I can do in a home ...

TheGoob by Enthusiast
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Flow Telemetry with Nexus Dashboard Insights

Join us as our experts explore how Nexus Dashboard Insights can provide better visibility into application traffic and performance statistics in your data center network through hardware flow telemetry. This session will cover how to enable real-time...

zsoulios by Cisco Employee
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ISP reachability

Hello Experts,We are having some intermittent issue with internet.When I did traceroute the ISP IP I found the below sometime I get RTO on 7 hop. What does it mean? Can anyone please explain? 

ankitohc by Spotlight
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9166 clients not connecting at 5 GHz

9800-80 pair running 17.9.4a and APSP8 (upgraded about a month ago). Upon investigating after slowness/connection complaints from the professor of a 150-seat lecture hall where 9166s are installed, I realized that every single client in the room was ...


Cisco Aironet 1530 AP Help

I have a new, never activated Cisco Aironet 1530 Outdoor access point that I need help with assigning an IP address to so that I can configure it via the “Graphical User Interface (GUI).  I’m assuming that once I assigned an IP address to the 1530, I...

Opdor2 by Beginner
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MPLS Pseudowire is down though preferred interface tunnel is up

Hi Experts, I am troubleshooting why Pseudowire is down though the preferred path is up. I have Pseudowire configured with the preferred path interface 20 disable-fallback. My tunnel 20 with the preferred path is up. When I run "show mpls l2transport...

aljoush12 by Beginner
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What cisco do.

Cisco provides IT products and services across five major technology areas: networking (including Ethernet, optical, wireless and mobility), security, collaboration (including voice, video, and data), data center, and the Internet of things to provid...

SIP Trunk to Avaya PBX "No Service"

Hello Guys, We have CUCM 14.0 SU3 Cluster of 2 Nodes on same UCS Hardware. SIP Trunk to Avaya PBX is showing "no service". and we are not able to make calls to Avaya PBX from Cisco PBX. However, surprisingly calls from Avaya PBX are landing perfectly...

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