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single router doual bgp 2921 series isuue

helloI have just configured bgp with two isp on a single router and i have 2 public /24 prefixes and i want to route one prefix on isp-1 and the 2nd to isp-2. Now i have three issues1} no maximum-path command found in my router ( Is it must for this ...

kazimjhon by Beginner
  • 22 replies
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Duda en el diseño de una red lan

Buenas tardes.Yo no tengo experiencia en redes y me gustaria hacer una pregunta.Yo tengo dos switchs de 24 puertos cada uno, la idea mia seria crear una red para cada uno: 192.150.20.x para el switch a 192.150.21.x para el switch b conectar cada una ...

Webinar Series landing page

I am testing the new capabilities of the webinar module for an upcoming conference and I've run into an issue when creating a series. When the link is used for the series the listing of webinars shows but the issues are:it shows my name and picture o...

JSanders2 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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how to unlock my user account?

hello everyone, could you help me how to unlock my user account?Since this message appears when I try to enter the console "User account is locked. Contact Administrator to unlock it ¨My friend lent me his account (admin) to be able to unblock my per...

angietc by Beginner
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Personal Webex Room vs. Random

I'm scheduling meetings for my executive, and recently it is automatically putting her personal room as the Webex Room.  I don't want that because she doesn't want others to have to wait for her to get on (if she is a few minutes late).  It just star...

tihibbs by Cisco Employee
  • 1 replies
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UCSC-C220-M6S Networking

Does anyone have a link or have a good read on how the physical to vNIC mappings work on a UCSC-C220-M6S? Trying to map a 4 port MLOM card to a host that is running ESXi (standalone) but I only have the option for 0 and 1 for uplinks despite having a...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies
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Request for Multiple VPN connection to sandbox

Hi Team,I made a reservation for Collaboration 12.5 sandbox lab, and I would like to do test calls and listen for call events using multiple soft phones.So kindly provide multiple VPN access for testing and also we would like to extend our sandbox se...

AMP API (v1) Device Trajectory event query / documentation

I'm trying to retrieve Device Trajectory events and need to be able to query for specific trajectory events (by timestamp, or by other trajectory event attributes). Querying the events api retrieves a different kind of event. I can retrieve the last ...

Flint by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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