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ISR4451 Not Detecting SM-ES3G-24-P

I have an ISR 4451-X not detecting any SM-ES3G-24-P service modules.  I have tried all the commands I can think of:show diag, show platform, show inventory, etc.The router will not detect either of the cards I've tried on either SM slot.Both SM-ES3G-...

BGP MED Use Case

     Can i use MED in above case to influence inbound traffic.R1 & R2 are advertising same prefixes to three different ISPs.Outbound traffic is influence by local preference.


CDR User Report Error

Hello,I'm trying to get usage reports in CDR to help determine which users are still using their phones.  When trying to run user reports in CDR, I receive the below error when I choose view report or send report.I have 2 CUCM servers (1 publisher, 1...

userid by Level 1
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ISE debug

Hi All, I need to know how to see ISE CLI debug outputs? Command is simple "debug snmp all 7",  however while I did nothing appeared on ISE node. Maybe I should check on some default file or need to run command similar to IOS terminal monitor. Could ...

IP routing command

Hi,I have two switches with GRE tunnel between them.When I ping SVI on sw2 from sw1, everything works.When I ping the host behind that SVI on sw2, ping fails.However, when I enable ip routing on sw2, ping to host works. How is this possible?Sw1 has e...

iores by Level 1
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Resolved! Wifi Authentication Issue ISE

Hello, After 802.1X authentication on Wi-Fi, it asks me to enter the network security key, even though I haven't configured any key. This is the 802.1X configuration on Cisco ISE. I also haven't configured the posture, just authentication with Active...

mtakilt by Level 1
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cisco umbrella VA with Proxy

Hello, i will configure a new umbrella VA in one of our site and we have a proxy server in site all traffic going to HTTP or HTTPS will pass through Proxy , My question is that must to exclude our VA from passing through the proxy or not

QoS for High receive utilization

Hi TeamI need some guidance on Qos . our network is facing the high receive utilization for one of the branch site. During business hours its crossing the 95%. we have legacy Hub and spoke infrastructure. that means all the traffic should pass throug...

Resolved! DMVPN 3 Phase

Hello every one here my all config, currently i can ping everywhere on my topology from everywhere, my question is i want check 3 phase working or not in my topology thanks in advance.ISP config interface GigabitEthernet0/0ip address 255...

Screenshot from 2024-07-18 18-35-44.png
Mlex1 by Spotlight
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Configuring RSTP on Switch

i have a topology look like this  and i already turn on the rstp configuration to each switch. then i set up priority each switch like thisLantai 6 (up right) : 28672Lantai 2 (up left) : 32768and Multi SW 10 (down) 40960 but, why Lantai 2 - Multi SW ...