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Remote control issues in Webex Meeting

Dear Cisco support,I am a trainer and I use WebEx Meetings to train customers to use assistive software packages. I always get them to join with the full app so that we have the full functionality in the meeting. The way I work is that I initially de...

pmaddern by Beginner
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Cisco 2960 Image transfer

Hi all,I currently have a 2960 in rommon mode with no available images on it. I have had 8 attempts at transferring a new image to it via xmodem which takes 5 hours each time and it gets to 100% and then fails with an I/O error listed on the switch c...

Hobi by Beginner
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Simple SSH Connection 9400 Not Working

Is there something different about configuring SSH on a 9407 with a C9400-SUP-1?  Currently there's no configuration on the device except for an IP address on the management port and ssh.  I've gone through the same procedures we've always used and v...

Visio Stencil for SM-X Voice Cards

Hello,Does anyone know which pack has the stencils for SM-X Voice Cards? I am specifically looking for SM-X-24FXS/4FXO and SM-X-16FXS/2FXO. I have used the ISR4000 series set and we are starting to roll out the C8300s. I found most voice cards in the...

Resolved! Problem with command 'ipv6 dhcp relay ...' in Packet Tracer

I would like to set interface g0/0 as relay agent. I make my network in IPv6 and I cannot find the command 'ipv6 dhcp relay...' in Cisco Router 2901. Of course, I am in interface configuration mode. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks.

hali226 by Beginner
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Retrieve security license

hi Team, Due to problems with a router, a 2901 was exchanged for a cisco C1111-4P, according to the documentation a license can be converted to smart, but not if the model is different. I have an evaluation period so as not to lose the functionalitie...

Moving Switch Stack from tabletop to 2-post rack

Hello Community,So I inherited four WS-C3850-48P setup as a stack. It’s sitting on a table and the goal is to move it to a two post rack next to it. StackPower cables used are 0.3 meter and data stack cables are 0.5 meter.Switch#    Role        Mac A...

wlc 2504 APs not joining time is correct

My APs are not joining the controller all of a sudden. The APs used to work fine but after a reboot ALL of them are not joining. I set the date and time manually and set a NTP server and rebooted, but still have the same issue. I can ping the APs.Und...

Elesh by Beginner
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Resolved! What is functional difference between VSS and VPC in Nexus ?

Dear All, As we know Nexus is expensive, If we are just talking on VPC function in Nexus, what is functional difference between VSS and VPC ? If we use VSS, it could be installed in several Cisco devices, which are very cheaper.

wfqk by Contributor
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! WAN redundancy S2S tunnels FMC FTD

I am migrating from ASA to FTD where the ASA has Primary WAN (Outside) interface and Backup WAN (Backup interface) The ASA has S2S tunnels and also backup interface ACE's Mirrored from the outside primary interface. This is in place on the ASA so tha...

Resolved! BGP route with lower AD being replaced by static route with higher AD

I have a router participating in BGP, and it receives a route from the PE.router#sh ip route Codes: L - local, C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, M - mobile, B - BGP       D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external, O - OSPF, IA - OSPF inter area       N1 - OSP...

Ella Bella by Beginner
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