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Resolved! FMC and RAVPN DAP: Cisco Secure Desktop Platform Detection Err.

hey folks,   I am new to using DAP on the FMC. So this may be normal behavior.  However,  when using the latest hostscan 4.10.x on the FMC and then have users connect to the public IP to get the latest client they now receive the Cisco Secure Desktop...

keibler by Beginner
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ATX録画と資料:アーキテクチャの移行と計画:Cisco Intersight 運用のシンプル化

本 Ask the Experts では、Cisco Intersight アーキテクチャについて詳しく説明します。デバイスを Intersight に接続するための前提条件を説明し、デバイス接続のセットアップ方法について説明します。(英語タイトル:Architecture Transformation Planning: Cisco Intersight Simplified Operations)     Ask the Experts 録画と資料一覧はこちら  

Request to increase VPN concurreny and Sandbox lifetime

Team,I have Collaboration 14 sandbox lab, and I would like to do test calls using multiple phones. So kindly provide multiple VPN access for testing.Kindly extend this sandbox setup for another 1 week.Sandbox ID: 7957649b-2a46-42f3-aad1-7b880afd7d0b

Cisco ISE - Posture without remediation

Hi everyone, i am looking for a way to posture windows and MAC clients without remediation, i mean, if a posture policy doesn't comply, the client is declared automatically not compliant and the corresponding authorization policy match (in my case, o...

What's New with Cisco SD-WAN and Routing

Hi Everyone,  As part of Cisco’s commitment to providing intelligent network solutions for organizations to securely connect users, devices, applications, and workloads everywhere, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the latest releases to our W...

DHCP Sooping Binding Table doesnot clear

Hi, I am having C2960X Switch, causing "shut/not shut" and "%SW_DAI-4-DHCP_SNOOPING_DENY:" logs everyday:%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet3/0/9, changed state to up%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet3/0/9, changed state to down%LINK-3-U...

xishan by Beginner
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Indication of Compromise Event actions???

Not being a security expert what does one do when they see IOC events within FMC? What are the actions that are normal to be taken when these events are logged to determine their validity??? I am still confused when I see events like in the attached ...

ATX録画と資料:運用の計画とベストプラクティス:ハイパーコンバージド インフラストラクチャ(HCI)

本 Ask the Experts では、Cisco Intersight を活用して Cisco HyperFlex を運用するためのベストプラクティスを紹介します。ロールと権限、可視性、使用方法、構成、インベントリ、システムヘルス、アラートなどを含みます。(英語タイトル:Operations Planning and Best Practices: Hyperconverged Infrastructure)     Ask the Experts 録画と資料一覧はこちら  

Content category "Movies" blocking iTunes app

As a policy, we want to prevent users from playing movies on work devices.  We've selected "Movies" in our Content Category policy however, our IT deployment team is unable to load/use iTunes (to download/install apps, not the url) when building new ...

R1ch1ev56 by Beginner
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AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9 not full power when use PoE Injector

Hello Everyone,I have problem with AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9.My Switch is: C9200L-48T-4G, SW image: CAT9K_LITE_IOSXE, SW Version: 16.12.4. No Stack and PoE.WLC model: 5508, Software Version: this Sw doesn't have PoE, most of the PoE Injector...

Viet2001 by Beginner
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New used switch, with isp

Hello,I got this switch free when doing a demo job. I do have an 8 port unmanaged for my ip cameras.This one is a  WS-C2960S-F24TS-L 24 port.I would like to use this one for my cameras as I am looking to get some more along with some access points al...

Jtaxel by Beginner
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