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Hello, i have a Cisco Switch C3560 whit IOS c3560e-universalk9npe-mz.150-2.SE5 but the command RMTRC40S(config-if)# ip policy route-map PBR_for_proxy                          ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. and RMTRC40S(config)#ip vrf VAS  ...

Message filter x-sender return-path different

Is there a way to create a message filter that tags an incoming e-mail message to an ESA if for example the x-sender and return-path don't match? I would like to insert a header in those messages that I can catch with a content filter to insert a hea...

Resolved! UCCX Call Not Answered

When a UCCX agent does not answer a call and the call is returned to the queue, where in the queue does it go?  Does it go to next available agent or is it placed at the end of the queue?  Thanks.

HXDP 업그레이드 중 Fail 후 HXDP 업그레이드 번들 업로드 실패

최근 HXDP 4.0 -> 4.5 업그레이드중 Fail 후 아래와 같은 메세지를 확인했습니다. Session.connect: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused) 고객이 내부 보안점검으로 인해 일부 ESXi 호스트에서 SSH 기능을 Disable 했으며, 이를 확인하여 모든 ESXi의 SSH 기능을 Enable시킨후 해결했습니다. 유사한 사례의 경우 저와같은 시...


How to disassociate cisco id with previous company?

I left job in feb'20 and wanted to remove my cisco ID associated with my last company. I tried to do the same under the profile page, but unable to do so. Currently, I'm not working with any company.  I sent an email to cisco 2 weeks back also but di...

Reza_Mohd by Beginner
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catalyst usage with 3rd party voip equipment

Greetings!We recently purchased Cisco Catalyst 2960 48 port PST-L switch.We want to use it with LG-Ericsson IPECS telephone station and terminals (also recently purchased).As I see from reading cisco guides, voice vlan feature can be used only with C...

Resolved! CUCM 14 LDAPS certicate issue

Trying to get Secure LDAP (TCP 636) working between customer on-prem AD and CUCM14.  Receiving a certificate unknown error when configuring the CUCM security association.  I have extracted the Root CA and Intermediate certs from the wildcard server c...

ssparkes by Beginner
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Inbound call not connecting: calling number 559903358 called number +966114817200 (translated to 7200) ________________________________________ below is my dial peers: dial-peer voice 3 voipdescription LOCAL-CALLS-1translation-profile outgoing OUTdes...

ashraf1891 by Beginner
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Migration Firepower FMC to FDM

helloPlease, I need to migration FTD from FMC to FDM, because I facing many problems in Vmware, my question, what do I need to do to manage locally? which steps to migration to FDM?and what about configuration? Will I lose all configuration and manag...

Amna Omar by Beginner
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Hi Can any one tell me how I can disable fast switching on ISR4331-DC/K9. I am facing issue multicast packets dropped  (,, 00:02:03/00:00:56, flags: TIncoming interface: Vlan100, RPF nbr interface list:...

reset 2960 to factory defaults without mode button

 I have reviewed the website and have been unsuccessful resetting my Catalyst 2960 switches to factory default using the mode button. It appears to be working but upon reboot it still retains the configuration. I am currently checking if I can use th...

pcwhyte14 by Beginner
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