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Create ACL and routing

Hi I need help with my topology, so what I wantOnly this network (  is authorized to have access for remote configuration for the switches and not the others.But I want all networks to be able to "ping" the "internet" routerCurrently ...

kaillros by Beginner
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No Opérational VLANs on GE12

BonjourSur mon switch CISCO SG250-18 je peux configurer tous les port avec un VLAN particulier (Trunk ou Access) sauf le port 12? Comme le montre l'image ci dessus je ne reussi pas a avoir un 40U dans l'Operational VLANUne idee ?Merci

Capture d’écran 2024-02-25 à 17.22.57.png
ewok2 by Beginner
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I want to ask what is CEEM?

i created RMA and my TAC says want to increase SLA then use CEEM requestI want to ask what is CEEM?Time to receive my replacement device in 10 daysIf CEEM is enabled, how many days will it take to receive new devices? 


Issues with sandbox requestS on FTD

FirePower Threat Defense can't get an ip address as you can see in the picture, also the VPN cant get a full address, also shown in the 2nd picture. It's been having connection issues for the last 2 days at least. thanks in advance for the help.   

ronnerbufford_0-1708874852445.jpeg ronnerbufford_1-1708874888050.jpeg

IPv6 configuration of RV260

Hi dear experts,I am having problems to configure and a lack of understanding the technique.My setup: ISP via DOCSIS to modem (in bridge mode) to the RV260 router. Behind the RV260 are a Catalyst 9115 and several Clients connected by LAN (1GB copper)...

familieboehler_0-1708856872819.png familieboehler_1-1708857123370.png familieboehler_0-1708857975427.png familieboehler_1-1708858382029.png

Explorando Redes y Ciberseguridad con Percy | Episodio 127

En nuestro próximo encuentro contaremos con la presencia de Ing. Percy Luis Venturo Huares, Ingeniero Electrónico egresado de la UNAC en Perú, especializado en redes de telecomunicaciones y seguridad electrónica. Su enfoque en la mejora continua se r...

Fondo negro (2).png
tomy.tim by VIP
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Resolved! Etherchannel hashing-loadbalancing persistence

Hi everyonelets assume we have 2 cisco 3750x switches with 4 Gig interfaces to each other that are channled into Po10.3750X||||||||3750Xfor this scenario the etherchannel uses either mode ON or LACP and loadbalances based on src-dst-ip.using the comm...

OSPF DR/BDR election

Hi,I have been doing packet captures and debugs (debug ip ospf adj and lsa-generation) on a 3-router OSPF lab in CML and noticed that DR/BDR elections are taking place several times during the formation of the new adjacency between the (existing) DR ...

Sam-CCNP by Beginner
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DX 80 et ZOOM Meeting

Good morning New user of a Cisco DX80, and novice, I would like to use it to join Zoom meeting sessions. The version is Room Os 9.15.17...etc and my Webex subscription is "Free". Access to Control Hub to add this function is unauthorized. Do you have...

Michroc by Beginner
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Sandbox APIC missing switches?

I logged onto the "Always on" Sandbox ACI simulator this morning and noticed that there's no spine or leaf switches? Looking at the documentation there should be a spine and 2 leaf switches but the only device showing up in the topology is the APIC i...

Tromano89 by Beginner
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