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August’s latest features are hot off the press!

Now you can use RoomOS 11's app-centric navigation, move meetings across devices, enjoy personalized search in Control Hub and more. Let Webex help you revolutionize your hybrid work day.  Learn more about how to leverage these and other new features...

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Is MACSEC over ACI VXLAN possible?

Is it possible to use switch-to-switch MACSEC encryption between two Catalyst 9300s that are connected to different leaf switches, at different sites, of an Cisco ACI multipod setup? The MACSEC ports on either end would be connected to the same EPG i...

tobin_jim by Beginner
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Network connection unsuccessful despite proper configuration

Hello guys can any of you help me or give me tips on a packet tracer, I am having an logic error when testing the connection with an envelope one different VLAN and it keeps saying unsuccessful. I configured everything right and it still says unsucce...

Kept trying again.PNG
sadoughs by Beginner
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Resolved! FMC upgrade issues

Currently Software1 Management Center 6.6.52 Devices 6.6.4Need to replace to support upgrade to version 7.0.0+. as it has required full replacement on 2-3 occasions already, our experience has shown us that it can’t handle both the volume of thousand...

Requesting an LDAP sync via the CUC API

This document was generated from CDN thread Created by: Dan Meyers on 19-08-2013 03:26:41 AM To make things easy for our phone deployment guys, we've got a central system that they use to roll out new extension mobility profiles, voicemail accounts a...

cdnadmin by Advisor
  • 2 replies
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PPTP VPN stopped routing LAN traffic

We have an RV260 with PPTP enabled. As of July 27th the VPN user is no longer able to communicate with anything on our LAN after successfully connecting to VPN. I am not sure what additional info would assist in getting some help but any ideas are gr...

Greeting for main lines

Hi ,I have two main line at my reception desk.These 2 lines are for two different sub companies.When someone calls in on line number 1 the receptionist takes the name of company 1When someone calls in on line number 2 the receptionist takes the name ...

Tazio4436 by Beginner
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Resolved! 9800 Controller netflow exporter

Hi we have an 9800 Controller and we are using SDA Wireless, we have setup our DNA center server as our netflow exporter. I would like to know if we can export our flows to more than one flow export server in the same SSID. Example: SSID Corp - Expor...

Cisco SPA303

I have a Cisco SPA 303 desk phone.It was originally set up using one provider and I have since switched to a different provider.I am attempted to set the phone up using its admin web interface.I have all of the settings required. I enter them into th...

Resolved! ISR 4331 Flash Part Number

I have two 4331 routers where it appears the onboard flash has failed. I need to order replacements, but I have not been able to find a part number. Can someone point me to where I can find a part number for a 4 gigabit flash upgrade for the 4331?  T...

malonex3 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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