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Resolved! Stackwise-480 behavior with a simple 2-switch C9300 stack

I just finished reading the Stackwise-480 Whitepaper . It's a very informative document, but it did not answer the question I have about my simple scenario.  I currently do not have access to these switches, but I need to understand their expected be...

RB6502 by Beginner
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Resolved! IP Address Rejection

Hi, there I am currently studying CCNA 200-301, I would like to know what makes a valid/invalid (accepted/rejected) ipv4 address. In the scenario below the first address is accepted and the last two are rejected and described as having a bad mask. Al...

AthertonB9 by Beginner
  • 18 replies
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Final Skills

Hello I am working on a final skills for my college class. I am a little lost when it comes to the instructions. If I could get any little help I would greatly appreciate the help. I have attached the Packet Tracer too. I could really use the help. S...

Cisco 7962 and 7942 Phone Registration issue

Preface with new to VoIP and am trying to create a small lab environment for students to get a little bit of exposure to VoIP and QoS as part of a networking course.Using a 2901 with CUCME 10.5.  Have 4 phones registered and working fine - 2 7962's a...

PPPOE Client vpdn group

Hi I need to use a Cisco ASA 5505 on a BT Openreach connection, The configs that I have ben using are below - interface vlan2nameif outsidesecurity-level 0pppoe client vpdn group BTINFIITYip address pppoe setrouteEverytime I enter pppoe client vpdn g...

DMZ & Internet Switches

DearsPls refer to the attached diagram, i don't have sperate internet switches so planning to connect ISP internet links on the DMZ switch with secure configuration, i m planning to create a Private vlan and port types community in which port 1-6 wil...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
  • 2 replies
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Roteamento entre VLANS em Switch Layer 3

Bom dia a todos!Tenho "um" Switch Cisco Layer 3 Catalyst 2960-X Series para backbone e "dois" Switches Cisco Layer 2 Business 220 Series como switch de acesso.Estou trabalhando com 3 VLANs diferentes: VLAN-1, VLAN-2 e VLAN-100.Porém quando configuro ...

infacape by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Routing Between VLANS on Layer 3 Switch

Good morning everyone! I have "one" Cisco Layer 3 Catalyst 2960-X Series Switch for backbone and "two" Cisco Layer 2 Business 220 Series Switches as the access switch. I am working with 3 different VLANs: VLAN-1, VLAN-2, and VLAN-100. However, when I...

Translator by Community Manager
  • 3 replies
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Cisco Router & Cisco Switch

Hi there, I got a Cisco router on which the ISP line is terminated. I have connected Cisco switch to the router. At this moment I got one VLAN on the switch and DHCP is being done from the router. I would like to create two extra Vlans on the switch....

Routing in switch (ip default-gateway command)

Hello,I have router 1111 and Switch 1000, between them is trunk with 5 VLANs, default gateways sitting on the router. Just two VLANs have Internet access (VLAN 10 - via VPN to core router, and VLAN 99 local NAT) - Switch has default gateway command i...

sergo777 by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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DHCP is not working in Cisco 876 Router

DHCP is not working in my Cisco 867 router, no systems getting IP address. DHCP configuration is given below,ip dhcp pool LAN-POOLnetwork 10.x.x.0 10.x.x.2domain-name xyz.netdns-server 10.x.x.x

vineethelr by Beginner
  • 16 replies
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