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1 gb data rates across a 40 gb connection WHY?

HiNewbi here so please be nice.I'm using a Cisco 3132 switch.  I have 2 40 gb connections but only getting 1 gb transfer ratesAccording to linux networking app it shows 40000 mb/s  connection.According to Cisco 3132 it also shows the 2 ports at 40 gb...

Toddb by Beginner
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I am going to be replacing a pair of 5520's with a pair of 9800's. My 5520's are in a N+1 design. We did this because it gave me a controller to use for testing configuration changes and OS upgrades.I've read through the 9800 documentation, and I am ...

dreetgonz by Beginner
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Is a partner anchor controller and SSID secure for my IT domain?

We're establishing an internal, distinct wireless network for a research partner with multiple lab spaces and various WiFi-enabled devices, including research laptops, tablets, and wireless field devices across our campus. Our objective is to ensure ...

ezisaac by Beginner
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Resolved! converting the switch from bundle mode to install mode

Hi Actually I am converting the switch from bundle mode to install mode and I upgraded the switch to the recommended version but actually i typed this command request platform software package clean switch all file flash:which is usually delete the u...

FTD Lost LAN connection after upgraded to 7.2.5

We have experienced an issue with FTD after upgrading the software to version 7.2.5. We have experienced the same issues on multiple FTD devices from different branch offices recently. It works fine most of the time. But it will suddenly lose connect...

alexseo by Beginner
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Need WiFi routers

Hi I have small business and I am looking for router which support me when I connect to router it will redirect the authentication page and after authentication done I can redirect to may business home page.

suranigk by Beginner
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CBS350-24P-4X Rackmount disalignment

Hi community,I'm a bit confused...I recently got a CBS350-24P-4X 1U managed switch, which comes with a wall-mount/rack-mount (I guess?) kit and I'm wondering, how I could manage to install this kit onto the device in order to align the rackmount-ears...

OSPF DR/BDR election

Hi,I have been doing packet captures and debugs (debug ip ospf adj and lsa-generation) on a 3-router OSPF lab in CML and noticed that DR/BDR elections are taking place several times during the formation of the new adjacency between the (existing) DR ...

Sam-CCNP by Beginner
  • 17 replies
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