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ECE 11.6 Database Hostname Change

Hi all, I have Enterprise Chat & Email running on version 11.6. It is using the Database Cluster of the customer. Now I need to change the hostname of the external database in my ECE configuration. Does anyone of you know if this is possible? I canno...

Importing certificate for LDAPS

We need to import the server certificate to the ASA in order to use LDAPS for VPN authentication.  The server certificate has a creation date of 06-06-2021 but an expiration of 06-06-2121.  When I attempt to import the certificate into the ASA the cr...

Hi, need a solution for problem

hi, i have a priblem in connecting antminers only 4 come online and if i remove this 4 then the other 4 online and i take new ips of 1 gbps then i connect more 4 and i have 50 pic and i want to connect to 1 isp can u suggest any option or metherd

uddin9101 by Beginner
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ACI VMM migrating existing VDS

We currently have vmware ESX VDS setup using static port EPGs.  We'd like to move all our static EPGs over to new VMM VDS. Is it possible to create a new VMM vlan pool with new dynamic EPGs as well as existing static EPGs? This means we'll have the s...


FTDv outside interface problem

I have a problem with my FTDv 7.3.1 on ESXi. When I start uploading a large file over L2L VPN using SCP or SFTP between the server and the remote host, after a while the outside FTDv subinterface becomes unavailable and IPSec is aborted. After a few ...

dyakovsky by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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CISCO Power Supply User Admin

Hello Friends,Do u know if Cisco or Supplier has an Admin User Supply access ?Follow an example,https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/procurement/22d/oaprc/supplier-user-account-administration.html#s20031032Thanks 

My Lan Devices is ping but no Internet browsing

I setup my router Cellular Interface and NAT is should be good and I could ping through my laptop  "" to ""But no browsing internet just ping I tried many things search a lot with no benefits Please HELP me with thatI have Provide my c...

Breka by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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configuring trunk port and vlan in sg350 switch

hello,having sg350 switch with 28 ports been trying to configure a vlan for both acess port and trunk port with dhcp server 1)like i want my port 2 to port 8 as my vlan 2 2)and 23 to 27 as my trunk port with vlan 30 and dhcp server with default gatew...

Cisco 887VAM Router Inter-VLAN-Routing Problem

Greetings,i have a Cisco 887VAM Integrated Service Router and i am currently trying to configure Inter-VLAN-Routing between VLAN2 und VLAN3.VLAN2-Port: FastEthernet 1VLAN2-Interface: FastEthernet 0V...

BGP routes in edge route connected to ISP

Hi there is a router connected to ISP. BGP in the router can allow all bgp routes in from ISP or none of them. What is benefit if we allow all bgp routes into the router from ISP? I know some of them. Anyone can mention all of them? Thanks

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Dynamic routing for backup Tunnel

HISee diagram, so we want to set up another ipsec vpn on the network on the left which is our other DC, how could we set this up so if the network wasnt available on the network on the right (DC1) then the routingwould dynamically poi...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies
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Strange BGP issue

I have two data centres and one of them connects upstream and receives the full internet routing table this is then forwarded via iBGP to the other Data-Centre (Don't worry about if this is good practice or not, it is configuration I have inherited a...

CliveG by Beginner
  • 41 replies
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