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QoS on Cico Switches

Hi,I am working on replacing  a switch stack to a new one.There is a section relate to QoS. I think the old switch has some configuration relates to QoS but it doesn't configure properly. Can I just ignore the config for QoS?Please advise. Below is t...

Service Provider VPLS InterAS option B - multiple AS

Hello everyone, First forum post! I am new to the world of L2VPN and I am in need of some help.  I have a MPLS WAN that is built on Cisco ISR routers. One site is the main site, in the diagram shown as AS1 which should act as the AS which interconnec...


router cisco ISR 4351 not connect to internet

I have been trying to configure my router for several days but I have not been able to get it to log in or out of the internet. I would be very grateful if you could help me since my business depends on this router, this is my running-config:Building...

Inconsistent peer vlan c9500 issue

Hello Folks,I have one question that I need help!Core Sw ---> Access SwNative vlan is the same on both side.One I create a vlan on the core sw everything is okay, but once I do ont the access for every vlan I have below output on the core.using PVST!...

bshoja by Level 1
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FLEXVPN Site-to-Site VPN Full Tunnel with One Static IP Peer

Dear All,I have tried to configure FLEXVPN between the hub and spoke and I need to do it as a full-tunnelHub is a 3945E Router with 1GB fiber connection and Static IP~The spoke is 819 4G Router using 4G LTE with a CGNAT IP (Dynamic IP)I am trying to ...


Cisco IOS (not XE) - how to tell Install vs Bundle mode

Hello all,On Cisco IOS-XE, we can run show version to tell whether the device is in Install or Bundle mode.On Cisco IOS, what is a good way to tell Install vs Bundle mode? (i.e. the software install IOS upgrade command vs boot system straight to the ...

vv0bbLeS by Level 1
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Resolved! I want to clean out "Flash:"?

I'd like to clean up Flash:I don't want to delete the BIN filesCan I delete just the crashinfo files?The crashinfo seems really old. I can't think that I need them...Can I delete using wild cards?++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

kbeaton by Level 1
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CCX secondary node with high CPU

Hello, I have a CCX HA running 11.6.2, it's been working fine until some days ago when the CPU of secondary node went up and I can't make it to lower down.As you may know 11.6 is no longer supported by TAC and that is why I'm here.Any of you have ide...

am316 by Level 1
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