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Some interface configs not accepted in templates?

Hello, I'm working with interface templates to better organize configurations and simplify updates.  I've noticed some port level commands won't be accepted by the template config mode.  Any idea why? For example: switchport protected c3850#conf tEnt...

80211WiGuy by Beginner
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STP Interface Prio.Nbr question

Hello Cisco Community!Need to verify:Two firewalls, one active and one passive, are connected to two physical ports on the core switch.Both ports are access ports and are assigned to VLAN 4.The inquiry is:One port (Te2/2/1) passing no traffic at all,...

Catalyst 9300 Layer 3 Routing

Hello,I need some help with route statements for subnets that were provided to me.  Some background:  I have three locations, each with Catalyst 9300 stacks, connected via fiber that forms a triangle among the locations.  Each location has two SFP mo...

b-krull by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Timeout - C# How do you check if user ignores the DUO push

I have a C# Application that uses DUOUNIVERSAL.  It all works.I call Redirect(promptUrl) to send the Push to the mobile devices.How can I handle the case where the user IGNORES or DENIES the Push notification? DUO returns   "LOGIN DENIED" - how can I...

jonelster by Beginner
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Two switches connected. Can I route over these?

I have two switches, that are connected via a port channel, two 1Gb ports, in trunk mode.I have them set to only allow VLAN 66 traffic over the port channel.  This is set in the port channel.on each side, I have a switch attached, and then a firewall...

btkach by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Same model 9200s showing different free space after upgrade

Just upgraded several of our C9200L-48T-4Xs to 17.9.4 after finding a bug in the 17.9.3 code. While the upgrade was successful, a couple are showing significantly different free space after the upgrade(less than 1gb). gar-2-118-3r15-sw#dirDirectory o...

wesleyj84 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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ISE Admin certificate is not updated

Hello community,I'm currently building a new ISE-deployment and the Admin-Portal certificates are giving me headaches. Hopefully someone also had this issue and was able to resolve it.The new setup is based on 3.2 Patch3. Somehow I'm not able to set ...

asdf6 by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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