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Problem speed AP cisco 702i

Hi community,I have 2 types of AP1815i and AP702i with the same configuration,but i have a problem in the speed of AP702i. The speed of AP1815i = 50 Mps.The speed of AP702i=20Mps. All AP in same Wlc 2500.

Omar sh by Beginner
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Meraki Google OAuth Auth

Hello team,I am trying to configure SSID with splash page on Meraki. I want to configure sign in with Google OAuth. SSID open google login page but after typing mail and password an error accored 403: disallowed_useragent but i try again with same ma...

kdemir by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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activate permanent smart License router c1121-8p

good, I have a problem with a router C1121-8p at the time of activating the permanent license I can not find how to do it, but if what I did was reserve it for that computer but I still do not get to use it permanent, if I could help to be able to ac...

Captura 1.PNG Captura 2.PNG Captura 3.PNG
midence11 by Beginner
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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2023

Congratulations on your well-deserved success, welcome to Cisco’s VIP Class of 2023!   We're thrilled to announce the 2023 Cisco Designated VIP Class of Cisco Community. This year we have 60 VIPs -yes, we keep breaking record- with 11 new awar...

vip2023_announcement_300x250.png New-VIPs-HoF-blog-announcement-image.png guy-for-blog.png Pasted Graphic 3.png
Hilda Arteaga by Community Manager
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Unable to view my spaces

I signed in to my webex account today and the my spaces were visible on the home page but when I switched apps and came back to webex I couldn't view it anymore. I am attaching a screenshot of my app page for reference.Kindly look into this asap as I...


Cisco AXL for developers Java requirements

Quick question when developing applications based on AXL api, The official document of cisco AXL says to use "Java 6". This version of java is outdated. My question is can we still do the AXL applications under Latest Java version which is "Java 8". ...

Resolved! High unmanaged disk usage on /ngfw/var on 7.0.4 FTD

anyone experienced this weird error. i dont find any reason for the disk to be full since it is still running at 45%.tried clearing some log files on these directories but still the error still present/var/sf/detection_engines/<some GUID>/backup//var...


Resolved! 25G connection between Nexus 93180YC-FX to Arista 7050SX3

Hi,I am trying to connect 25G AOC (cisco/arista compatible). The interface can detect the transceiver but on show int eth status it show not connected. The same vendor 10G AOC works perfectly fine.Also if I connect same 25G AOC back to back on Nexus ...

UpenT. by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Some troubles importing a configuration on a Catalyst 1000 Series

Hello everyone,I am currently on an internship and my internship supervisor asks me to import a configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switch,I have already done it on 2960 and 2950 but this is completely different,I 've searched for 2 days on...

KaTanow by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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UCCX Wrap up audible reminder.

Is there a way to have an audible announcement when the agent completes a call to remind them to enter the wrap up code?  Automatic wrap up is enabled but they want the audible reminder.  A screen pop that is more obvious would also work.UCCX 12.5

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