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An office has 8 floors with approximately 30-40 users per floor. What command must be configured on the router Switched Virtual Interface to use address space efficiently?A. ip address ip address

Resolved! C9200L uplink

Hi, I have a customer that requested a switch that supports both 1Gb / 10Gb SFP's uplinks, Does the C9200L-24P-4X-A uplinks support both 1Gb and 10Gb SFP's?   Thanks

how can i deny access in one direction, but not the other? (pkt)

Hi,I'm sorry to bother you all, but I'm having some issues with the network I'm building in CISCO Packet Tracer.In my network, I need to deny access from one direction but not the other. For instance, in my network, I need the VLAN 20 ( /24...

meimeimei by Beginner
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Having trouble adding endpoint data to a new gateway I created.

I have a script designed to extract endpoint information from a port on a VG350 gateway named "vg777." My objective is to take this extracted data and upload it to another VG350 gateway named "vg350," which I've created for this purpose.When I utiliz...

dhoskins by Beginner
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Migrating pair of C4506-E to Nexus 5000 series

I'm running into a couple of hiccups trying to migrate everything over. So as of right now, the set up has two ISP hand offs going into the C4506-E which then connected to a pair of ASA FWs and the Nexus 5000 series. All the access switches has a sta...

Openflow on 9200L

Hello,I want to undertake a project that involves setting up an SDN network via OpenFlow using Cisco Catalyst 9200L switches. I saw on forums three years ago that OpenFlow support starts from the 9300 series. Is this still the case? Are there any wor...

LXIC by Beginner
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7821 MPP phone - manage ethernet port settings

On the physical phone, if you go through the settings menu > ethernet configuration you can change the switch port config default from auto to 10 half, 10 full etc.Is there any way to do this through webex admin dashboard? I see other ethernet option...

YC2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Need Help on this ACL Packet Tracer Activity

Hello,I'm currently working on a Packet Tracer activity that involves configuring Access Control Lists (ACLs), and I find myself in need of some assistance. I have successfully configured ACLs 2 through 4, but I am encountering challenges with ACL 1,...

Traffic police problem on C6840-X-LE-40G

Hello in our company, we have two C6840-X-LE-40G that are VSS and we want to police traffic on this Switch. I searched and found out that we should use the below command so that the shape works correctly # platform qos police distributed loose/strict...

PTPv1 support on Cisco Nexus 3k

We have Nexus 3548s acting as PTP Boundary Clocks.  We're trying to add Dante audio devices to the network but appears PTP version 1 packets are not being passed to devices.  Is it possible to forward PTPv1 packets, like for example on a 9K Nexus?  W...

array by Beginner
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