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CUCCX Editor Agent Queue Logic Scripting

Hello, I have a supervisor requesting that we change the queue logic currently written in their script.  Right now they have an if-then statement in place that determines how to handle the call if the number of agents logged in is less than or equal ...

jdp22 by Beginner
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Find ingress Ip address

HI all, Im connecting via ssh to my router with the ip Address, my connection is going to the Loopback 0, I want to know via what Physical Interface I'm  accessing the router.  When I do "show ip route" I don't see this ip in my I...

Cargar y guardar IOS Switch 9200L 24x1G

Hola comunidad.Quiero consultarles por lo siguiente:Un compañero elimino el ios del switch 9200L. He bajado la imagen (.bin) desde cisco. Copie en un pendrive la misma. Luego desde el ROMMON. En este apartado puedo ver la terminal con switch :Las her...

VPN Speed issue

I am having a speed issue that I cannot determine the cause. SiteA has a 300Mb leased line with a ASA5516. Users connect to SiteA with a Anyconnect VPN. SiteA is connected to SiteB via a IPSec tunnel. If a user downloads a file from SiteA they are ge...

Getting error during selectCmDeviceExt

Hello, I am getting the following error and don't know why. I am only sending one request selectCmDeviceExt to capture Route List status.<soapenv:Fault xmlns:axis2ns2120696="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"><faultcode>axis2ns2120696:Server....

Powershell and using API to get information from FMC

cisco-firepower-api/get-sensor-info.ps1 at master · john-babio/cisco-firepower-api (github.com)I wrote some quick powershell to pull sensor info from FMC. I also includes some examples on how to narrow the data down. If you have any questions feel fr...

babiojd01 by Beginner
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Router no enciende luego de un apagón

Hola Comunidad, requiero de su apoyo y experiencia, resulta que un Router modelo (C7200P), Version 12.4 luego de una falla de electricidad general en la zona no encendió mas, que posible falla podría estarse presentando y como podré solucionarla por ...

RJAS27 by Beginner
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Request for Multiple VPN connection to sandbox

Hi Team,I made a reservation for Collaboration 12.5 sandbox lab, and I would like to do test calls and listen for call events using multiple soft phones.So kindly provide multiple VPN access for testing and also we would like to extend our sandbox se...

DHCP Pool Saturation

I have multiple DHCP pools configured on a 6509, one of which is for public Wi-Fi. I'm concerned I may be running out of IP's in that pool at busy times of the day.Entering "show IP dhcp pool" returns a list of all the DHCP pools with; current index,...

jmatysek by Beginner
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