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IGMP configuration in host side

Hi Here is a question. We use the below commands in a router (H1) to simulate a host to join a multicast group. The question is how to setup a real host, for example, Windows PC, to join the multicast group? Or just enter ip address thanks...

Hunt Pilot to Call Handler forwarding

We have a call center hunt pilot that routes to a DN if no members are logged in to the hunt group.  Circumstances require the call center to route their calls elsewhere at unpredictable times on short notice.Goal:We want the DN's user to then be abl...

Configure ACI fabric

Hello, I try to configure nxosv9k as leaf and spine for ACI. After the ios is up, I found some ACI commands cannot work. The output of show version is like below. Anyone can talke a look at if this is correct ios? Thank you switch# show versionCisco ...

Resolved! Problems with 2800 APs on

Hello!Yesterday we updated our Cisco 8540 WLC to,Now we are experiencing trouble with all our Cisco 2802 AP's. The problem we are seeing is very slow down speeds on personal devices connected to the accesspoints while the up speed seems fi...

f0rslund by Beginner
  • 12 replies
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Ipad troublesshoting

HiWhat is Ipad best practices, i know about this:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/access-points/enterprise-best-practices-ios-ipados-wp.htmlBut what about creating a special SSID for Ipads? is this a good practice? someone d...

moudar123 by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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5520 WLC

Hi,8.10.181 has some bugs like CSCwd37092 and CSCwc78435.What is best, upgrading to or do the workrounds whitch are not enough!Is there anyone who upgraded 5520 to to solve the problem with APs like 2800 series?Did it went well?...

moudar123 by Beginner
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! PBR on Cisco ASA

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here so probably I'm missing something.I got from my work an old ASA 5515-x, to use for personal purpose at home and (why not?) to start learning something new. I have 2 ISP, one wired (7 Mb in down, 0,3 Mb in up) and the ot...

Pounii by Beginner
  • 22 replies
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ISP like network. Cannot connect between routers

Hello! I'm having trouble pinging the inside of routers and connecting to the web server. I can ping the loopback address from all the devices.When I run in simulation mode and ping from Server0, the packet reaches the server, bu...

When Should You Use Clear xlate?

The company I work for re-located their ASA 5510 to a new office location with a new static IP assigned to us from our ISP. If I update our NAT rules with this new static IP do I need to run the clear xlate command or should I just add new NAT rules?...

GreenT by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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ASR 9000 Load balancing issues

Hi all,We are running ASR 9000 in our core and edge. all routers are running isis, bgp and mpls. we have multiple redundant links and have configured isis for UCMP. Since some of the redundant links have small difference in delay, we are experiencing...

IBEngTeam by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Cant Ping

I am a student and I am having difficulty understanding how to get my devices to ping each other. I have assigned the designated IP addresses to the devices and am at a loss. I have reached out to my teacher but it has been unsuccessful in aiding my ...

tmertes by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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