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when i upgrade to intermediate version i get that problem. Currently cannot access cisco device to update higher version.Is there any way to handle that?   

ducdan1508_0-1669020923519.png ducdan1508_2-1669020971410.png
ducdan1508 by Beginner
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IKEv2 Proposal

Hi,i would like to ask about ikev2 proposal encryption. If we are using we encryption in IKEv2 proposal but i will use strong encryption on IPSec, can IKE proposal compromise ? Phase 1 will compromise ?If Ike proposal is compromise, what kind of data...

MrBeginner by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Verifying a comment on SG350-10 and 10gbe networking

Not a network professional here, just a home based business owner trying to upgrade his network. And from the looks of it, I made a wrong purchase decision back in 2018. From what I understood back then, I thought the SG350-10 had the capability for ...

bdumaguina_0-1668845543421.png Capture.PNG

Connect Switch3560 and Switch2960 with ipv6 in CPT

Cisco2960:interface Vlan6no ip addressipv6 address 2001:DB8:0:22::3/64ipv6 enableinterface FastEthernet0/24switchport mode trunkipv6 unicast-routingCisco3560:interface Vlan6mac-address 0001.64ba.ba02no ip addressipv6 address 2001:DB8:0:22::2/64ipv6 e...


FTD - ASP-DROP - Inspection failure (inspect-fail)

I have increased number of  Inspection failure (inspect-fail) from show asp drop, and would like to capture them for further investigation, and wonder what option should I use after capture my-capture type asp-drop ? Thanks.Leo

a12288 by Participant
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Not able to add new or edit existing devices.

Writing this post as no solution came out so far.what is the issue?Not able to add new devices or edit existing devices. what is working and what is not working?the existing devices are working with existing settings. but i need to change anything it...

OSPF non backbone area

HI ALL     It is about following topology, the backbone area cut the area 1 in to two parts. now the plan is not to use virtual links to connect area 1. will it has any route problem?  or any kind of unknow problem? the following are some captures. f...

yangyang_21-1669611780099.png yangyang_0-1669609753570.png yangyang_15-1669610418807.png yangyang_16-1669610437179.png
yang yang by Beginner
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DNA-C Assurance 에서 WLC Data 보이지 않을때 진단 방법

  DNA-C Assurance로 네트워크 상태을 모니터링 할 때 WLC data가 보이지 않는 증상이 발생할 수 있습니다. 해당 증상 발생 시 아래 내용을 참조하어 진단을 해보실 수 있습니다.   DNA-C 에서 확인해야할 부분: - DNA-C Inventory에서 WLC의 status와 Reachability 를 확인해야 되는데 WLC는 manage 상태여야 합니다. - 해당장비의 Device Controllability 가 enable ...

socui by Cisco Employee
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[HyperFlex] HXDP 5.0(2a)以降のバージョンで Smart License の期限が切れた場合の動作変更について

 はじめにSmart License と HyperFlexSmart License の動作変更について参考情報  はじめに 本ドキュメントでは、HXDP 5.0(2a)以降のバージョンで Smart License の期限が切れた場合の動作変更について説明します。    Smart License と HyperFlex Smart License 機能は、HyperFlex と統合されており、HX ストレージ クラスタを作成でき次第、自動的に有効になります。 HX ストレージ クラスタによ...

didi2 by Cisco Employee
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Email workflow not getting triggered on incomming message

Hi team,I have setup a email channel by following the below linkshttps://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/unified-communications/webex-cloud-connected-uc/218139-configure-webex-connect-email-asset-with.html#anc1https://help.imiconnect.io/docs/wxcc-...

vbj1995 by Beginner
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DHCP Server failing after every reboot of switch (SG350-10P)

Hello Community!With little experience in networks I am trying to run the DHCP server functionality on a SG350-10P switch in a simplified testing environment (only two network clients connected to one switch, no internet, no router). While this works...

BorisBolles_0-1669588992324.png BorisBolles_1-1669589133548.png BorisBolles_2-1669589805624.png

Recommend a 10gb router

What would be your recommended Cisco model to provide 4 x 10gb ethernet routed interfaces?  Support for EIGRP, BGP, and QoS is needed. The less SDWAN functionality the better. Dual PSU is also needed.

jmcgrady1 by Beginner
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