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Cisco FTDv on ESXI8

Hello!I instlled FTDv (7.3.1-19) on ESXI 8.All interfaces down, instead Managemet. On ESXI it configured as VMXNET3.On ESXI side its attach and connected, but on FTDv side its in DOWN status!ESXiFTDv  > show interface ip brief Interface IP-Address OK...

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1 gb data rates across a 40 gb connection WHY?

HiNewbi here so please be nice.I'm using a Cisco 3132 switch.  I have 2 40 gb connections but only getting 1 gb transfer ratesAccording to linux networking app it shows 40000 mb/s  connection.According to Cisco 3132 it also shows the 2 ports at 40 gb...

Toddb by Beginner
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Failed configuration commit on Cisco ASR 9001.

When we attempt to configure new ipv4 unicast BGP neighbors, the box informs us that it can't commit the configuration. When we issue the "show configuration failed" command, we get the following error message...'BGP' detected the 'warning' condition...

sacapano by Beginner
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Dear all,I have some switches (C9300) using for production line (internal network). But Call-home and smart license alway send log like this: Feb 22 07:27:09 vnd: %CALL_HOME-5-SL_MESSAGE_FAILED: Fail to send out Smart Licensing message to: https://to...

CBS350-24P-4X Rackmount disalignment

Hi community,I'm a bit confused...I recently got a CBS350-24P-4X 1U managed switch, which comes with a wall-mount/rack-mount (I guess?) kit and I'm wondering, how I could manage to install this kit onto the device in order to align the rackmount-ears...

Port Channel Configuration Between Nexus and IOS Switch

Hello AllI am new to Nexus and I have issue here hope someone can help:I have two switches in the network one of them is Cisco IOS C9500 which is a distrbution switch and the other side is cisco Nexus9000 C93240YC. I am trying to configure Port chann...

hogr fatih by Beginner
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WxCC using WebRTC

Our organization is poised to start a project to migrate our 5 call centers to Webex Contact Center (WxCC). When we first started our discussion on and review of WxCC Cisco did not have WebRTC available. Our organization is now considering using WebR...

RL5901 by Beginner
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Password recovery

So I brought a Cisco pix 515e firewall to increase my knowledge and skill set with it . But when I’ve brought it seems to have a password which I don’t know. And their were some older forums which have now since changed. It quite  annoying that there...

moubou by Beginner
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Network loop

I am facing an issue. My network gets unstable for a minute and port of one switch goes to error disable and reason i get is loopback. I am not able to identify the issue. i have enabled err disable loopback but it makes network unstable for some tim...

C1000-48P-4G-L Poe Switch

Hi We have purchased the switch Model C1000-48P-4G-L, herein first connected 24 cameras (any combination) only working. The camera PoE budjet os only 4.8W (Max). Please support to configure all 48 Ports usable for PoE. 

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