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Seeking Help: Cisco Packet Tracer Network Design

Hello everyone,I hope you're doing well. I'm currently working on a project using Cisco Packet Tracer, and I'm in need of some assistance. Our task is to create a logical and physical design of a network for a small office located on the first floor ...

Web capture_31-5-2023_164145_www.youtube.com.jpeg Capture.PNG floor plan.PNG
finley by Beginner
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Resolved! FMC Deployment got stuck at 5% for almost 3 hours

Hi is there a safest way to remove this deployment on my FMC that got stuck for almost 3 hours already? i hope there is a safest way to do it without breaking any database or any network interruption since the FTD is being used by the whole company. ...

Screenshot 2022-05-31 172116.jpg

hsrp / glbp

Hello,If we have simple topology like this picture where Core 1 and Core 2 run HSRP/GLBP, i just want to know if connection from C1 to C2 is mandotary needed or we can remove that?  

hs08 by Beginner
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Secure connections to multiple DMZ's

I am looking to use a 4110 for a central ingress firewall, to connect to DMZ's. This is lab related so don't freak out. I have a sever with a web page in each DMZ and each DMZ is IP'd to a 10.0.X.X schema with the X being the number of the DMZ, IE 10...

andres42 by Beginner
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No connection to VLAN IP Interface from outside of Subnet

Hello,we have a couple of CBS350, and after Updating them to Version 3.3.x we where no longer able to access the VLAN IP Interface from outside of the subnet.I have tried back and forth with:- default route- ip routing- VLAN Allow lists- No Access-Li...

tgt by Beginner
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Access Points Authentication for Plug n Play (PnP)

Hi experts, Has anyone tried out this new feature in the DNAC? So we have an SDA environment and I wanted to onboard APs using PnP and dot1x, any guides or reference that can help me guide through the process? Thanks.

TH09 by Beginner
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vPC system-mac issue

Hi,I am going to configure vPC on nexus 5548 model and initially, i have successfully configured the keepalive and pinging but when checking the command.N5k-Primary(config)# feature vpcN5k-Primary(config)# vpc domain 1N5k-Primary(config-vpc-domain)# ...

Ascom IP-Dect integration in CUCM

Hello,  I have to integrate an Ascom IP-Dect in the CUCM infrastructure. I read I need an COP file to import in the CUCM in order to add an Ascom IP-Dect in the platform. Did anybody knows were can I find this COP file? Is it available some-ware to b...

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