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Problem speed AP cisco 702i

Hi community,I have 2 types of AP1815i and AP702i with the same configuration,but i have a problem in the speed of AP702i. The speed of AP1815i = 50 Mps.The speed of AP702i=20Mps. All AP in same Wlc 2500.

cms vip by Beginner
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ISE Configuration 802.1x

HiI have configured the interfaces on a switch with a failed authorize for it to go into a blackhole vlan 999see config below however it's still connecting to our domain even though the machine only has a local account setup I am wondering if there i...


Hello,How we can make vlan access list to permit traffic from host in vlan A to vlan B but deny traffic from host in vlan B to vlan A

hs08 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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9800-CL - All AP's are reconnecting every two minutes

Hi, I just getting started with Cisco wireless devices and I setup a Catalyst 9800-CL VM (17.3.6) and a few AP's (AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9) in my lab. The AP's are joining my controller but after two minutes they just rejoin and I have no clue why.The log o...

Cisco IOS XR and ISE 3.0

Hi there,I have cisco ncs540l  and cisco ise both configured and AAA with tacacs working well,How ever i need to create user for Cisco EPN manager for authentication and collection data from routers. This user should have only show command on any lev...

AZRT by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Not possible to add new vlans, buttons greyed out

The web interface of the RV340 router does not allow us to add new VLANs. The buttons "+" and "Apply" are unavailable. If this page follows the same logic as other pages, where if you enter an invalid IP-address, for example, the Apply button is grey...

bramgn by Beginner
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Resolved! Clients not connecting to preferred AP

I'll start by saying that I realize that the determination for which AP a client connects to is solely decided by the client's network adapter. But I'm hoping someone can assist me in making changes to the APs to persuade the client devices in this o...

James H by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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