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Cisco AnyConnect Umbrella Roaming Security Module

Hi,So was reading up a lot on the difference between the Cisco Anyconnect Roaming Module vs the Umbrella Roaming,Its clear that best practice is the Cisco anyconnect option as UR is EOL in a few months, so we recently deployed the new client company ...

dreaded190 by Level 1
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ISE upgrade

hello we have an ISE v2.7 running on a virtual environment  when running the health check pre upgrade we get an  error message on the platform  attached file shows the error/warning  Q has anyone seen this before ? I checked the ade logs but did not ...

new CUBE breaks existing conference calls

We recently decide to setup a warm standby CUBE as a backup to our primary CUBE.  We used a copy of the existing CUBE config with everything identical expect the IP **bleep** of the new CUBE.  Very soon after the standby CUBE came online users report...

tato386 by Level 6
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Unable to save configuration on Nexus 9k switches

How can I fix this guys copy running-config startup-config [########################################] 100% Configuration update aborted: request was aborted Logfile output: %SYSMGR-3-CFGWRITE_FAILED: Configuration copy failed (error-id 0x401E0000).

Fail over test

Hello,so we work in our DWDM network using NCS 2002 & NCS 2006 and there are aggregation sites on it. we want to perform fail over test on the network. i'm a little bit confused in the procedure to be followed and also i can't find detailed alarm tro...

HP Aruba Device fingerprinting with Cisco ISE 3.3

Hi Community, We are trying to achieve device profiling with HP Aruba 2930M AOS-S Switch16.10. This Aruba OS uses a "Device fingerprinting" function to achieve device profiling, similar to Cisco's "Device Sensor" function in Cisco Switch. For Device ...

jitendrac by Level 1
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Unable to ssh to SFTP from ise 2.7

I am trying to set up a back up for ISE to a SFTP server but I keep getting this  Repository SFTP-Repo could not be accessed. In case Backup was Restored on different setup, Please reconfigure the repository passwords (expected behaviour).I can ping ...

Categorias mais comuns em Cibersegurança

Sabemos que Cibersegurança é um conjunto de ações e técnicas para proteger sistemas, programas, redes e equipamentos de invasões. A mesma está dividida em categorias dentre elas apresentamos as mais comuns: Segurança de rede: é a prática de proteger ...

image_2024-05-20_105451555.png image_2024-05-20_104948599.png

Resolved! Duplicate IP address in between HSRP pair with Static NAT

Hi Guys,   Not sure if in the right group here, but I've been upgrading old 2811 with ISR4331's, this one solution runs HSRP on the client facing side with matching static NAT entries, no problem till i upgraded both routers, currently had to roll ba...

ktwaddell by Level 1
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pppoe and bng users session monitoring

hi Friends,I have a need like this,There are systems running on our BNG router topology with an average of 15 thousand subscribers.We have difficulty monitoring these, we monitor the traffic with commands directly on the device and when there is a pr...

emre by Level 1
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FTD removed from FMC but can't login on FDM

I had a FTD Virtual register to a FMC which I need to remove and manage as a standalone device.I delete the device from the FMC.I setup the FTD to be used as standalone as per CLI command : "configure manager local"the GUI is working and I can browse...

s.balon by Level 1
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