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How to get all messages using a bot token

Hi, is there a way to access all messages from a group the bot is part of? i read an earlier answer from community posted april 2022 which said bot could read only messages it is mentioned with. Is this still true? Any other way to get all messages f...

cisco20 by Cisco Employee
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Installing RTMT version 14 Windows 11 Install

Installing RTMT 12-14 Versions on Windows 11 requires Java releasesjdk 1.8_0 101, jdk 1.8_0 102;  I installed 4 total versions including jdk and jre 1.8.0_341.You must however follow these steps first in order for the install to work otherw...

UCCE virtual memory increase

Hi All,I wonder if any of you have increased the vRAM on your UCCE Rogers/Aw-HDS beyond the prescribed by OVA numbers? I.e. if Rogger is said to have 6GB by the OVA can I make it 8?  SQL is eating memory plus there is some other management and securi...

Engnr by Level 1
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Report for manual outbound calls with wrap-up codes

Hello,We are running UCCX 12.5 with CSQ agents handling inbound and outbound dialer calls.  We have reports for this data that are both stock and customized stock. Recently, the call center leads are having some agents make manual outbound calls.  Th...

JimmyW by Level 1
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I need to clarify if my Switch sg220-26 has POE ports

I need to clarify if my Switch sg220-26 has POE ports. The documentation is confusing and I CANNOT see the POE Option for Port Management by entering as Switch Administrator.Otherwise, it is possible to make this Switch POE by placing some external s...

Translator by Community Manager
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Resolved! WS-C3850-24P OS/Firmaware

Hi all,i get a cisco switch, model WS-C3850-24P, and when i'm looking for a OS/firmware update i have to chose between:Catalyst 3850-24P-E SwitchCatalyst 3850-24P-L SwitchCatalyst 3850-24P-S Switch but with show version i get just only "WS-C3850-24P"...

QT76 by Level 1
  • 11 replies
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DHCP Relay

Could you please help me? I've tried to make a connection from a dhcp server to a linksys router, I've configured the router that separates the two networks, but I don't understand why it doesn't work, the goal is to connect to a web server, but it's...

Translator by Community Manager
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Switch: Prompt 3650

Hi all, I have a 3650 stuck in the switch prompt. I've tried to set the IP address using the below commands so that I can upload the IOS, but I am unable to. set IP_ADDR Set DEFAULT_ROUTERbelow is the file system outputswitch: dirList of filesystems ...

Tracking Calls Using Call Handler

The 0 operator mailbox is not monitored. By default all vm boxes had a 0 option that would put you into that call handler.I have changed the caller input for all vm boxes to ignore when someone presses 0, however calls are still being sent to it.How ...

VLANs cannot access internet

Dear all,I am configuring a network cfomposed of 4 VLANs with the following devices:- NetGate 6100 Firewall- A Cisco 2951 Router- Ciscon 2960 SwitchVLANs and DHCP were configured on the 2951 router.Note that NAT function is handled by the Firewall.Af...

Koffman by Level 1
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Capability Overview: XDR Automation

Join us as our experts walk you through an overview and demonstration of XDR Automation and its primary components. Cisco XDR Automation can accelerate and enhance the way your organization detects, investigates and responds to threats in your envir...

zsoulios by Cisco Employee
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AP issue

Hello we have a local 9120axi AP with a 9800LC WLC that seems to be losing connection. The AP is in flex connect, all config looks fine: AdvancedCountry CodeUS  Multiple CountriesUSStatistics Timer180CAPWAP MTU1485AP Link LatencyEnabledAP PMK Propaga...

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