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Resolved! WLC 9800 series design - FlexConnect

Hello,In the Cat.9800 series datasheet - controllers support maximum 100 FlexConnect APs per site.Can someone explain me this limit more pragmatically ?Is it only a best practice or is it a configuration blockage? Somethings like flexconnect profile ...

9800 serie flexconnect limit.jpg
Rémi by Beginner
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Resolved! How to find the Container UUID - FMC REST API

Hi all, I've been playing around with the REST API for FMC today, as I need to test migration from our current ASA Platform. Ideally I'd like to use the API to bulk create subinterfaces, to save me doing it in the GIU (and to ease deployment time). I...

sjewhurst by Beginner
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Is ARP entry required when a floating static route is configured?

Perhaps this is only the case in Packet Tracer and doesn't happen with real devices. But I was building a simple setup in packet tracer to test static routes and came across something that confuses me. Here's a screenshot of what I set up:I set stati...

jngamp by Beginner
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Adding Summary Lines to CUIC Report

I have a dept requesting modification to the "Agent Not Ready" historical report.  They would like individual summary lines for each agent, as well as a separate summary only report version that does not show each interval. I know in the old version ...

Bandwidth splitting for several VLANs

Hi there!I have 2 VLANs which and hosts from these VLANs has access to the Internet. I need to limit the bandwidth for these VLANs and allow them to use 500Mbps per VLAN since bandwidth is 1Gbit/sHow I can reach this goal? I use CISCO ASR-1001-X rout...

arudakov by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC2504 Access Point not joining

Hello,I have a WLC2504 with 10 licenses running have several 3602 AP's with AC radio module that previously could join the controller, but now don't join the controller anymore. As reason for the failed join attempt I read: Missing AP Man...

Cisco 4451 Micro USB console not working

-Trying to console back into a 4451 Router using Putty-Worked yesterday with same computer and cable-tried different micro usb cables and different computers to console in and they also don't work-confirmed proper COM port in device manager-have rest...

asura3 by Beginner
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C9800 Wireless Issue

I have a pair of C9800's in HA running my entire wireless infrastructure on our campus. In one of our lab buildings I am seeing may clients sitting in a IP Learn state trying to attach to one particular SSID. I've tested with a Macbook, my Dell and m...

duggu19 by Beginner
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Can C9124AXI-ROW act as EWC ?

Hi MasterI have read datasheethttps://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/embedded-wireless-controller-catalyst-access-points/white-paper-c11-743398.html#ProductoverviewC9124AXI-ROW wasn't on support list , Is it mean can't act as EWC ...

interface vlan network separation

As shown in the figure, three networks are configured.I used the no ip routing command to prevent the 3 networks from communicating with each other.However, I checked that pc1 communicates with or, but communication with the clien...

inverface vlan 3networks.png
chaname by Beginner
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How many users could playing on a reserved sandbox

Hi,I'm teaching RESTCONF / NETCONF for about 30 students.Is it possible to use the same reservation (IOS XE on CSR's sandbox ) with all this users (of course with the same credential and increasing vty lines to 30) ?Best regards 

AP が 9800 に帰属しない時に取得する Trace ログ

概要9800 で取得する Trace ログdebug の設定例debug ログの回収debug コマンドの削除   概要 必要な設定を実施しているにも関わらず、Access Point (AP) が Cisco Catalyst 9800 シリーズの Wireless Controller (C9800)に帰属しない場合、AP と C9800 の双方より Trace ログ (debug ログ)の取得をして解析する必要がございます。 本ドキュメントでは、C9800 で取得する Trace ロ...

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