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Cisco Secure Client 8.1 GUI missing on 2019 Server

Hi,I have updated Cisco Secure client to version on all endpoints Windows 10 without issues. But when I test update on two Windows 2019 servers, it installs fine but GUI is missing. I can see GUI and Secure Client service running in Task ...

Marius80 by Beginner
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How to enable NIV hairpinning on Cisco 4221 ISR?

Hi all.I have a Cisco 4221 ISR which does not accept "ip nat enable" command on interface configuration.  Below is its IOS version. What can I do to get this command?Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.06.03Cisco IOS Software [Everest], ISR Software (X...

Snmp server disable - MDS 9148s

Hi All,I want to verify how can I disable the SNMP server function on MDSI tried to run the no-SNMP server, but getting an Incomplete command

adir868 by Beginner
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ThreatGrid end of support

Hello, everyone!  As we know Cisco had announced the EoS of Cisco Threatgrid Annuity Migration. So my question is how we can replace this licences. Is there another licence or we have to look for subscribe or something?  Greetings, Dimitar 

WS-C4500X-16 Drops

We got our WS-C4500X-16 as our main router.Some ports which are ten gig ports shows some drops and other things.We have some people complaning every now and then, I mean not continuously (bad connection, speed, etc, on wired and wireless networks) an...

moudar123 by Beginner
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LDAP sync

Hi I have one jabber user which is enabled as local user. Its not yet synched with AD. If its not get synched in next re-sync, what we can do ?If we go with "perform full sync now"  option ,will it sync all previous users as well ? if yesWill it caus...

Install Cisco ISE patches

Something I have learned this week the hard way:Don't install Cisco ISE patches using the web UI and login the same time with SSH for checking patching progress. It prevents the node from booting.Very odd that the upgrade procedure via web UI has all...

Some clients are not getting dhcp leases

Hello,I have a Cisco 3500 WLC with one WLAN and a DHCP server running on it for APs and WLAN users. I am having a problem that some clients who can't connect, it keeps loading for them and they get internal IP and some of them become connected with n...

Resolved! vFMC setting with bugsssss

Hi Everyone,Recently, I installed vFMC 7.3.0 in ESXI 7.0.3 and set up Firewall 1010(7.0.5).From the beginning, it seems ok but after 5-6 hours getting worse. Unable to update/Deploy firewallWhen I changed the access policy, and unable to update my de...

Charyl777 by Beginner
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Cisco 9800-CL - CoA with FLEX

Hi all,I'm trying to migrate from WLC 5520 to 9800-CL and I need to create WLAN with CoA and it confused me a little bit.I have all WLANs which use FLEX only. Now for example, I have WLAN 1 which FLEX is configured to use VLAN 100. But I've also devi...

CBS350 Switch HTTPS Web UI Broken

Hi all,  I have recently bought and configured 4x CBS350 switches, in 2 stacks. Each stack has 2 switches. Switch configuration is very basic, with 5 VLANs, 1 management IP, and 2 LAGs. While I can access the switch over console, HTTP, and SSH, I can...

atish by Beginner
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Resolved! FMCv upgrade path from v7.1.0

Hi All,We are planning to upgrade our FMC and the FTDs managed by the same FMC to the better version which is stable.Currently we are running the below in the FMC.Cisco Firepower Extensible Operating System (FX-OS) v2.11.1 (build 154)Cisco Firepower ...

ssan239 by Beginner
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