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SNMP data on BVI

Hello, I just migrated from an ASR9001 with 6.3.3 to a NCS-57C3 with 7.7.2,  Config is almost the same and everything is working as it should.I have 4 BVI interfaces, which i know for a fact are moving data, are reporting on 3 of my SNMP servers that...

AAA authentcation login

Hello Team, im working on a task to enable the aaa new-mode on our cisco switchs my question is what is the difference between the below commands?#aaa authentication login default group rad-groups local #aaa authentication login default local group r...

asdrewaqf by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! CISCO 2960x Cisco Network Assistant

Hi, what software do I use to manage Cisco 2960x, I have logged in and changed the IP on Device Manager however I see the Cisco Network Assistant has been retired is it still possible to download off the Cisco Website.Thanks in advance  

Dub34766 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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3850 switch will not enter ROMMON mode

We are trying to get a configuration off of an older, no longer in production 3850 (C3850-48T).I am following instructions which is to say that i have:1.  Depressed and held the mode button down while plugging the switch into AC power.2.  Wait and wa...

KMNRuser by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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2960x Switch with Meraki CW9164i increased fan speeds

I'm wondering has anyone ever experienced increased fan speeds with attached Meraki CW9164i Access Points. I've checked temperatures and operational fan speeds and all are normal. Inline power is maxed to 30.0 watts per port. Total Power utilization ...

riveg5996 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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NAT-loopback on Cisco 1921

I'm having a problem with the NAT-LOOPBACK setup on a Cisco 1921. The scenario involves a video door entry system that needs to be accessible via the public IP address of the router from both the LAN and the "outside world." This seems like a classic...

If my Meraki firewall blocking a site?

Website OneAmerica.com takes a long time (45 secoinds) to load. Using Chrome developer tools we determined that it is sending a request to cdnfonts.com and the connection times out after 45 seconds. We can not find anything in logs related to that. T...

Cisco 2960 - Cannot set console password

Note: The password given in this post is an example only.Hello all, It is the ungodly hour of 12:59:59 AM 8/8/2023 CST at the time of writing this.I have finally fixed most of my configuration issues and gotten the cpu usage below 99 percent ( about ...

AP Wil not Join vWLC

l get Error messenge of AP wil not join to vwlc l checked everthing is right but is wil not join still AP Model AO-2802I-B-K9 Error messenge ============================================================================================APCC16.7EDE.8D36#...

lisavbedt by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Nexus 5K - Remove Switch-Profile without interruption

Hello Cisco Community,i want to remove the sync-profile on each of two synchronized Nexus 5596UP without loosing the config stored in Switch-Profile. That means without connectivity interruption and re-configuration of interfaces in "conf t mode", fo...

Resolved! Verified user status

Hi, Where can I find a description on the users status?I'm especially looking for the meaning of the status Verified.Thanks

jsenecal by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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