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Routing Rrotocol

Can you explain the nuances between static routing, where routes are manually configured, and dynamic routing, where routes are automatically determined using routing protocols? How do these approaches impact network scalability, flexibility, and adm...

IR809 Router MAC Filtering

What my intentions are is to find a way to allow only a single mac address access from the IR809G LAN interface (gig1). I can't find a way to do this from the CLi show commands and information from the Internet. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

dietrroc by Beginner
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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability with Webex

The Webex Champion Awards submissions close next week on September 28 at 5PM PDT! Today, we're highlighting the Community Collaborator Award. This award recognizes a company that is making a corporate social responsibility or sustainability impact in...

oliviavc by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Catalyst 9800 WLC 40

Have anyone experience issues with bricking access points or any other issues when upgrading the WLC from software version 17.3.6 to 17.9.3?

Authenticate my switch using ISE server

Hello everyone,I am trying to configure my switch so everyone who has an account on my AD can log in using ISE authentification server. I use DMVPN to my spokes with the Hub. All my spoke routers and hub devices are well configured and can use my ISE...

port security problem with cisco sf220

Hello,i have cisco sf350,sf200 and sf220 in my organization,sf200 and 350 works good with port security (there are option "secure permanent" which saves source mac and blocks if u plug in another mac but with sf220 there are only dynamic lock which o...

NSSA ABR doesn't translate LSA7 to LSA5

Hello,I have this architecture:from router372515 database, I can see only one loopback route received from router372517.. Normally, I have to see 2 routes on the database: one from the ABR 372517 and the other from the NSSA ABR 372516?? P Bit is 0 so...

conf-t by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! POTS dial-peer trying to register with SIP Registrar

Hi All,I was setting up CUBE-SIP-to-SIP trunk for PSTN. This router is also set up for SRST and it has relevant dial-peers configured. After configuring this I saw following messages trying to send the register messages to registrar:as.nipt.telstra.c...

nz78au by Beginner
  • 15 replies
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