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Resolved! Can´t ping Router interfaces

Greetings I have a problem, and i dont know if my problem is due to the IOS. My problem is that i cannot ping my border router interfaces sourced its own other connected interfaces. Here is all the information:   Border_Router#sh runBuilding configur...


-機種名: SNS-3615-K9 -ソフトウェアバージョン: 2.7.0(Patch7適用済み)-状況:ISE認証サーバ(SNS-3615-K9)の物理ポート1を通常使用する予定ですが、物理ポート2についてもリンクアップを確認を実施しようとしましたところ、show interfaceにおいて判断がつきませんでした。 ・ISE認証サーバ(SNS-3615-K9)には物理ポートが2つのみ。・show interfaceコマンドでは、物理インタフェースは、GigabitEthernet 0~Giga...

Resolved! WLC 5508 Dynamic VLAN

I have set up an SSID with 3 dynamic VLANs that are issued with Microsoft NPS.  The interfaces used are currently tied to other static  SSIDs on system and work correctly.  When a client authenticates they are put in the correct VLAN and are assigned...

ckochis by Beginner
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Resolved! Nat overload translation

Hi I have configured nat with overload created the access list and all. Now I am struggling to create a translation that would allow the whole network to be translated to the inside global address understand how to do the ...

lucad7846 by Beginner
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! Webex application stuck to logon

I installed the new Webex version recently. Before I used Webex Meeting many years and did not experience any logon issue. After installed the Webex and tried to logon, it was stuck after logon with my email. I can see the spinning wheel...

image.png image.png
R T by Beginner
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can't access server on specific port behind router from my WAN IP

Hi guys,this is a strange issue and even ISP can't fix it because they don't know what to fix and blame it on my router.Router 1941, working with no issues except one but I don't think this is a router issue.My WAN IP is 103.35.xx.xx and I can access...

xpace by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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(C3850) no access vlan tag in show run but show vlan has a tag.

Hi All, I have a problem with my C3850. C3850 has no access vlan 200 in running conifg int Gi 1/0/24 and other. But not all ports have the problem of vlan tag. This is my config. But when I show interface status, I can show Gi 1/0/24 has a tag with v...

running config.png
D Fan by Beginner
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WLC 9800, No licenses in use

We want to join 1800 APs to the 9800 controller.However, APs repeat connection and disconnection.I think this is a licensing issue with the 9800.When I type the show license command, "No licenses in use"can someone help me??   WLC#show inventoryNAME:...

이미지 035.png
Snika by Enthusiast
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Greetings i recently bought a personal package for CML but how or where do i go to get it downloaded or retrieve the license upon activation. i need help as i want to practice before taking my exam soon. THanks

Interfaces don't go DOWN

Within CML Personal interfaces don't go DOWN on a device connected to an interface that I have "shut". Is this something that can be resolved? I need this to perform life like tests.

d.hodgson by Beginner
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BGP Path Preference between two ISP

Hello Wonderful People, would you please help me with this? the IPs and hostname are fictitious but design is real. please see attached VISIO.i have two internet circuit coming in from two different providers ISP 1 and ISP 2, we are pairing with each...

Nexus 9K iBGP

I have 2 Nx9Ks each with a VRF to an Internet provider. I want the 2 Nexus VRFs to advertise/reflect the routes they learn from their connected ISP to the other VRF over iBGP. I have followed the NX-OS configuration guide and cannot get this to work....

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