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2960X  原版本152.3.e1  升级152.7.e5reload重启后提示 Aug 8 10:23:06.077: %ILET-1-AUTHENTICATION_FAIL: This Switch may not have been manufactured by Cisco or with Cisco's authorization. This product may contain software that was copied in violation of Cisco's li...

9200L switch connection problem

HelloWe have a problem with Cisco switch 9200L and need help.The problem is that the 9200L switch can not be recognized on our distributive switch 6506.When we connect one of the 9200L switches, it doesn`t work, but the other 9200L switch, with the s...

Jovana by Beginner
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cisco AP rebooting problem

I have 6 CISCO AP with Cisco 2500 series wireless controller. Every day, 6AP gets disconnected from WLC( seems getting rebooting itself) and I have to manually plug out and plug in to switch to restart the AP.

Hotspot Guest Portal with Time Schedule

I have a requirement to restrict the Hotspot Guest Portal usage based on a schedule. eg. 7am to 7pm, Mon to Friday.I know I can define access hours with guest types. It is a hotspot portal in ISE and I can't seem to assign the guest type to the porta...

Resolved! Nat translation

Hi I have this nat PKT to troubleshoot - it's very similar to a pkt file I posted the other day. I created the access list and I can see with the statistics command that I am only getting the translations if I ping from the server to the pc. From pc ...

lucad7846 by Beginner
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Resolved! SMA PVO 7025 SSL certificates

On "mx" in destination controls I have default "preferred TLS", but our RAT domain has there "required TLS":since yesterday I have messages in ESA active queue which cannot be delivered to SMA:the.cpq.hostDown7,0010238.8k00mx: Info: New SMTP DCID 192...

Lemat by Beginner
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QOS Police Bandwidth sharing

Hi,I am trying to split the internet connection for 2 networks and everything works fine. However I would like to make sure that if network 1 is not using all of the allocated bandwidth it is available to the network 2 and vise versaclass-map match-a...

BornJames by Beginner
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We officially swapped over from REDCOM to CUCM on SIPR last night.  All of our phones registered and function as intended except for one, a 8865NR cisco phone.  The other phones that we have are 7942, 1945, and 7965s.  The phone functions normally bu...

Cisco CSSM IP address for FTD

Hi friends I have deployed several FTDs in the network, but there is a problem with registering these FTDs through the internal network. Routing information and firewall ACL need to be configured. What is the IP address of the relevant CSSM registrat...

Cisco Nexus 3048 FAN Status Blinking

Hello Guys.I have a cisco Nexus 3048 Switch. after a sudden shut during a UPS power failure then the switch unable to start. and the FAN Status blinks a green LED. is there anyone who faces this error please, 

ftamiru0 by Beginner
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