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I have two c2951 routers connected to a 3945e router, and a c3560 connected to each router as a lab. I can't get a host that is connected to one of the c3560 to c2951 to get ipconfig from dhcp on 3945e. What do I have to do to get the host to get a i...

r0me0 by Beginner
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VPN ISAKMP: ping requests timing out when ISAKMP is on

Hi,I am a student doing a project, but I am having a lot of trouble figuring out why my hosts cannot find each other when ISAKMP is on.When it is off, all the hosts manage to ping each other no problem.Apologies for not posting optimally, I am still ...

Unable to Log into WLC

Hello,I am having an issue logging into my C9800L WLC due to an expired PAC. Issue exists both at the CLI and the GUI. ISE(2.7) and DNA( are also throwing connection errors. Does anyone have any insight on how to resolve this issue?Thanks,Dar...

WebEx CC desktop

Will WebEx CC desktop able to display real time queue stat such as how long each customer has been waiting in the queue.

nliu by Beginner
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IP SLA Responder UDP-Echo

Hello friends,I am trying to understand the command "ip sla responder udp-echo ipaddress a.b.c.d port xx" but I have a doubt, the ip address (a.b.c.d) in the command refers to the local IP address on the device where it is being configured or it is t...

Resolved! VTP pruning

HI  What is the difference between  VTP pruning & VLAN pruning in trunk, both are configured by manually and both features prevents the VLAN frame in trunk, then what is the difference ? Thanks in advance 

sivam siva by Participant
  • 11 replies
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Secure Network Analytics(Stealthwatch): Flow CollectorとSMCとの再連携について

はじめに連携解除再連携Central ManagerのIPアドレスの再入力ができない場合   はじめに 本ドキュメントでは Secure Network Analytics (SNA / 旧Stealthwatch) のFlow Collector (FC)とSecure Network Analytics Manager (SMC)との再連携方法について説明します。SNA はバージョン 7.4.1を利用して説明していますので、利用されているバージョンなどによって異なる場合があります。    ...

Screen-Shot-2022-08-15-at-3-34-21-png-3562×966-.png Appliance-Setup-Tool (1).png Appliance-Setup-Tool (2).png Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 3.17.39.png

Does DR/BDR role affect OSPF convergence time?

I've attached a LLD of my design. The ASRs have eBGP neighborship with WAN side. In the LAN, both ASRs and the firewall are in the same OSPF broadcast network. The L2 switch in between is a 6800 in VSS. Both ASRs learn the same customer routes from e...

lionell01 by Beginner
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Resolved! Meraki MS virtual stack and layer 3 question

Just getting started with Virtual Stack and Layer 3. I have two MX100, in HA pair mode. I have two MX350-24X switches in Layer 3 mode The MX has DHCP on VLAN1 to provide MGMT IP to the switches.  I am blocking all DHCP on the Layer3 switches since I ...

1:1 Static NAT, shouldn't this be simple ISR C1121-4P

Hi all, I'm new to cisco and I have this currently running on an RV260 which config is shown very differently in XML, but due to the 30 limit on NAT entries It was recommended to upgrade to ISR. (C1121-4P)I have 1:1 NAT between two LANS private netwo...

christatt by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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