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L2VPN - VPLS between Cisco & Juniper with Control Word enabled

Hi dear community,I have a good one for you regarding the setup of a vpls (ldp signaled) between a Cisco ISR1100X and a Juniper SRX300.As an example i am sending a simple ping between each node at each side of the VPLS.Both nodes are in Vlan 18 and h...

Jerems by Spotlight
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Active IPv4-SGT Bindings Information Cache

Dear All,I have setup a Trustsec test network, All seems works well, but I have made a mistake on one of two PC belonging to different SGT group. I have configured the wrong ipv4 **bleep**. So when correct the error and confugured the PC with the rig...

ifabrizio by Level 1
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ASA 5585-X Static Route

I have an access rule from vlanXXX with 50 security level to a host on vlanYYY with 100 security level. Which works but I also need route traffic to second NIC of the host.Is it possible to add static to ASA?

geoffFx by Level 1
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功能概述:思科 Catalyst C9800 高级功能

在本次专家讲堂课程中,我们的专家将介绍 Catalyst C9800无线局域网控制器特有的一些高级功能。还将介绍如何通过SMU/AP 服务和设备包或查看服务软件升级实现无中断的软件升级。并将深入研究加密流量分析和思科 DNA Center 的增强分析。

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 14.47.58.png


Dear,       on Cisco C8200L-1N-4T router what is the difference between : 1- (NIM-ES2-4) vs 2- (C-NIM-2T)  that is "Cisco Catalyst NIM Module 2-port 1GE SFP with MACSec Cisco Catalyst NIM Module 2-port 1G Ethernet/SFP with MACSec" BR          ...

HNETENG by Level 1
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Cisco Business 151AXM メッシュエクステンダー の LED が青点滅を繰り返し利用できない

Cisco Business 150AX と一緒に、エクステンダーを導入しました。Cisco Business Mobileアプリケーションを利用し、CBW150AX のAP設定後、CBX151AXM を、同じくアプリでQRコードをスキャンして追加し、電源ON。(10分以上?)再起動などを行った様子のあと、151AXMのLEDが、青点滅状態となりました。アプリ上では Online となり、IPアドレスもDHCPで取得しているものの、 "Some Information failed to loa...

hidehara by Level 1
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SSL VPN Configuration on ISR 4461

I have the Cisco ISR 4461 and I want to configure SSL-VPN on it, I did a system upgrade to Cupertino, Version 17.07.01a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1).  I have read many documents about it supporting this feature but unfortunately, after the upgrade only th...

SSL VPN.jpeg
Nemat by Level 1
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I need to enable fips remotely on a Cisco Nexus 9K

 I need to enable fips remotely the solution is to follow the below steps: Enable fips N9K N9k-Switch# conf t N9k-Switch(config)# no feature ssh N9k-Switch(config)# no ssh key rsa N9k-Switch(config)# ssh key rsa 2048 N9k-Switch(config)# feature ssh N...

Pyats topo file

 I have been reading up on pyats and would like to know how to create a topology file as a dict like {'hostname':'ip"} instead of the yaml file shown in the examples. I am trying to connect to multiples devices to run specific show commands and store...