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Can't see MPLC label in traceroute result

Hi All,I'm a new MPLS learner and i've been trying to test a MPLS VPN in GNS3. Everything is working fine except i can't see MPLS label in traceroute result from CE to CE. However i'm able to see MPLS label when i do traceroute from PE to PE and from...

Cisco 2621 Router config for home lab use.

Hi there, I am setting a small Cisco lab on my home LAN, and am looking to configure a 2621 router to connect to my ISP.  I would like to have this router on the same subnet as the existing router from the ISP, if that is possible.  Am I missing anyt...

dcauley by Beginner
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Issue on telephony webhook

Hello,Our server is not being called back on webex incomig calls events.The webhook list return the correct data :{  "items": [    {      "id": "Y2lzY29zcGFyazovL3VybjpURUFNOmV1LWNlbnRyYWwtMV9rL1dFQkhPT0svODkwNTVhMWItMjgxOC00NmRjLWI5YzEtZGY4MTg4NDRmO...

Resolved! 802.1x - Computer in phone port not working.

I am working on a small project to implement 802.1x authentication on the wired network. In the environment there are:IP phoneCorporate computerSubcontractor computer The whole network is built with Cisco Catalsyt 9300, 2960X, 2960S, 3850 switches. E...

Jimboom by Beginner
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9800L - Guest WLAN - MAC Filtering / external site for WebAuth

9800L-F running 17.10.1.  We are moving off a 5508 running   I can not seem to get the Guest WLAN to work on the 9800L.On the 5508 Security Tab:L2: MAC FilteringL3: Web Policy, On MAC Filter failurePreauth ACL:  is set to ACL that allows...

CCNP renewal and CE Credits

Hi! On May 8th, 2023, my Cisco CCNP R&S certification will expire. I need to collect 80 CE credits to renew its validity. I have started the Rev Up to Recert: Python course, but it only gives me 15 points. What free or paid courses are currently avai...

Resolved! FTD security level 0

Hello Guys, I am new on the Cisco FPR 2130 device. Some questions below after hands-on pratices: 1. The default config contains inside and outside interfaces. But why do they both have security-level 0 ?    Do I need to change it ? How ? (I didn't fi...

h.dam by Beginner
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Resolved! Need firmware air-ap1142n-a-k9

If I am posting this in the wrong place, my apologies as I am new here.  I had someone give me an AIR-AP1142N-A-K9 but it is in lightweight mode.  I need to be able to change it to autonomous mode to be able to learn with it but the firmware for this...

Strange error configuring 1041N

Hi folks, I bought a Cisco 1041N at a trade show and am now trying to configure it?I bought two serial cables through Amazon which are specific to Cisco:https://www.amazon.de/-/n...o2ov_dt_b_product_details https://www.amazon.de/dp/...o2ov_dt_b_produ...

Unable to set up network infrastructure. Help needed

Hi all,I am working on a lab that requires me to set up a complex network and I am having connectivity issues.For more context, the network requires me to use 4 layer 3 switches and 2 4321 cisco routers. I was given the private network a...

Lechanna by Beginner
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NAT issues going from Inside Global to Outside Global

Hey everyone,I'm attempting to NAT an inside global address to an outside global address over two subinterfaces on a Cisco ASR-1000x.  Currently, we are using an inside global hrsp address to hit our cisco edge routers so perhaps the single MAC over ...

Determining network between routers for OSPF

Hi I am trying to work out the network IP between 2 routers so that I can configure OSPF. I understand I must 'AND' the IP address of an interface with its subnet, but how do I know which IP address to use between 2 routers?Is it to do with which end...

MG33 by Beginner
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Resolved! CSMA/CD vs CSMA/CA

Hello guysI read cisco documentary about CSMA/CD it is a mechanism used with hub to detect collision while multiple access but I couldn't find anything about its timer and jam message also is it still mechanism for switch while each port of switch is...

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