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Current ON100 setup & comments

Brian Bergin

I activated a new customer the other day and noticed the process has changed. First, the site no longer gives me the ON100 key in black so it's not readily apparent what key to copy to paste into the ON100 (I will be doing almost 100% of these remotely). I'm able to copy the grayed out key, but it should just say, 'This is the activation key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (and it'd be nice to have a "Copy Key" button, but that's not a critical thing). Then, moving to the ON100 I enter the key, it reboots and returns to the new login to set a static IP and login screen has changed. It now asks for a login (see attachment) which I tried several times to use my CCO ID but that failed. What it's really looking for is what it has always looked for admin and the pwd generated by the OnPlus portal. Once I ignored the text and just used admin and the pwd as before it let me in just fine, but the wording is very confusing.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Scan My Network option that comes up after creating a customer account assumes the VAR is onsite, which, at least in our case, will almost never be the case. One of the main selling points of OnPlus is to reduce trips to a customer location so drop shipping an ON100 to a customer and setting everything off-site up in a VAR's office is the right way to do this.

Finally, I would still love to see the ability for us to set our own RDP default options. Your default RDP session of full screen and full colour is unnecessary in most cases and is a real pain for us. Yes, I know I can save the .rdp file and modify it first, but it'd be much simpler if we had a place where we could predetermine the RDP options either globally or by customer.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for the feedback.

In regards to remotely activating an On100, this isn't how the process was originally designed due to security and other concerns. We have received several requests to better facilitate the process of remotely activating an On100. In a future release, we will enhance this process to support remote activations, but for now it's recommended to be local to the On100. I do like the 'Copy Key' button option, that would ease the process.

On the "Scan My Network" option, I understand your concern. In our next release, the 'Scanner' option will separated from the On100.

Next, the RDP options, would be a great option. I can understand the need.

I've made note of all of your feature requests and documented this so we can reference it.

Thanks again,

The OnPlus Team

FWIW, remote activation has always worked perfectly and still does.  The problem is the new GUI for the ON100 (see my screen capture) is asking for a (e.g. a CCO ID) login NOT the admin username with the OnPlus generated password for the ON100 in the new GUI which is actually what you need to activate the ON100.  That's the change.  If memory serves, I have only actually been onsite one time to setup an OnPlus device and that was the first off-site Thunderbolt device I installed.  After that I configured them in my office and shipped them to the customer and once the white prototypes came out I didn't even do that, I just shipped them in their default config, VPN'd to their office, RDP'd to an internal server, looked up the DHCP address and activated the device.  It had no idea if I was onsite or in my office.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the report of this bug. It's actually a known issue with an inadvertant change to a language phrase. The issue has been resolved in our development branch and should be available in the ON100 firmware soon.

The correct login to use for the device is still admin for the username and the OnPlus geenrated customer password.