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Outbound virus scanning

I have 2  questions for customers & partners using the CSVB if you have time to answer them please:-

1. Do you or your customers want to scan outbound messages for viruses?

2. Have you found the CSVB easy enough to configure to set this up?

I'm keen to hear all thoughts & opinions on what other things could or should be added to make it easier out of the box.




Hi Jason,

For Q.1, the answer is YES, all of our customers want to scan outbound messages for virus so that their domains are not put into black list of reputation dattabase.

For Q.2, I would say no. I am now doing some search on counfiguration guide for both CSVB and Mail server for this setup. If you have this information, please give me.

In my demo scenario to customer next week, I have only one public IP ( ) provided by Hotel where the demo will happen. I have asked DNS hosting agent to change MX record and  point to this IP ( ). I set ip address of interface Data 2 of blocker to this ip. I keep the default ip add of interface Data 1 ( or Management ) i.e

Now I connect mail server to the Data 1 interface of blocker and it has thi ip add

My question is how to cinfigure mail server to send out all email ? On mail server, do we need to set the blocker as relay agent ?

Best Regards,



Hi An

thanks for the reply - i was hoping to get some more discussion about how many people were doing this & how easy they were finding it to setup the CSVB.

To setup outbound mail scanning you will need to do 2 things

1. Configure your Exchange/Notes/other mail server to forward all non-local messages to the CSVB. This settings is typically 'Smart relay' or similar and will require a hostname/ip address to forward all non-local mail to.

2. Setup the CSVB to accept mail from the local mail server as an allowed relay.

To setup the CSVB as a relay you will need to:

- Create a new mail flow policy 'relay' with a connection behaviour of relay - you can setup the various connection properties as desired!

- Create a new sendergroup in the Host Access Table called 'Allowed relay' that uses the new mail flow policy setting created above

- Click on the 'submit and add senders' button in the bottom corner and ensure you add the ip address/hostname of the mail server relaying mail to the CSVB

From this point - with a relay action the CSVB knows that any messages will match the Outgoing Mail policy rules where you can setup anti-spam, anti-virus & content filters,

Dont forget to commit the changes and also suggest you backup the configuration file prior to making any changes just in case :)

Good luck.



Hi Jason,

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


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