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Customer Connection


Access to Cisco
Product Teams

Get the information you need to plan your technology strategy and influence Cisco's product direction. Product roadmaps and monthly briefings keep your business at the top of its game.

Beta and
Early Adopter Programs

Webex Beta and Security Early Adopter Programs let you be the first to try all the new features, provide input and get your company ready to deploy.


Let your voice be heard when you give feedback on the direction of Cisco products, services and digital experiences.

What's Happening in Customer Connection


Beta Programs:

  • Preview the latest releases and provide your feedback.

Roadmap Briefings:

  • May 3: Webex App Calling Update
  • May 11: UCM Cloud Update
  • May 12: Multiplatform Phones
  • May 19: Cisco Cloud Webex Contact Center Enterprise and on-premise Contact Center
  • May 20: Cisco Meeting Server
  • May 27: Control Hub - Analytics and Troubleshooting
  • June 3: Webex Contact Center
  • June 9: Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution - Powering Partner Collaboration Cloud
  • June 21: Cisco Webex phones, headsets, peripherals and Webex Video devices
  • June 24:  CSR 14 and Roadmap Updates

Technical Briefings:

  • Coming Soon

Latest Briefings on Demand:

  • CMS 3.0 Update
  • New Options for Webex European Data Residency
  • Extending the power of the Webex platform to Headsets
  • Webex Control Hub Analytics and Diagnostics

Suggest Product Enhancement Ideas:

Submit feature requests directly to Cisco product teams!
Vote on ideas from other Cisco customers.


Roadmap Briefings:

  • April 29: Cisco Telemetry Broker
  • May 6: Cisco DNA Center latest release (part 1)
  • May 25: SD-WAN Cloud Edge and Security
  • June 1: Infrastructure Transformation with Catalyst 9K Innovation
  • June 15: What's new with Zero-Trust Workplace (ISE and SD-Access)
  • June 17: Cisco Wireless and DNA Spaces Roadmap Update
  • June 23:  Cisco DNA Center latest release (part 2)

Technical Briefings:

  • March 30: Expand Wi-Fi 6 Portfolio

  • April 6: Roadmap to 5G - Cisco Catalyst Cellular Gateways

  • April 13: Smart Licensing with Policy (Routing + Switching + Wireless)

Latest Replays:

  • New Cisco Wireless Products
  • Extend the Zero-trust Workplace with ISE 3.0
  • Cisco DNA Center – more intuitive and new features
  • Cisco SAN Analytics


Roadmap Briefings:

  • April 21: Scalable Firewall Logging in the Cloud and On-premises
  • April 28: Secure Network Analytics and Secure Cloud Analytics
  • May 5: Cisco Identity Service Engine Recent Updates
  • June 2: Cisco Secure Firewall
  • June 10: Web Security Appliance (WSA)
  • June 16: Cloud Security and Umbrella strategy

 Technical Briefings:

  • March 25: Cisco Telemetry Broker Technical Briefing

Latest Replays:

  • Cisco SecureX Deep-Dive
  • Email Security Update
  • What's New with Cisco Endpoint Security
  • Introducing Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense

Early Adopter Programs:

  • Cisco ISE 802.1x with Azure AD using ROPC

Data Center

Roadmap Briefings:

  • April 22: Cisco HyperFlex Hybrid Cloud Platform
  • May 13: Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Solutions
  • May 17: Nexus Switches - Platforms & Innovations
  • May 26: Intersight Update

Technical Briefings:

  • Coming Soon

Latest Replays:

  • 400G Done Right - Strong Nexus Innovation Continues
  • Cisco Intersight Innovations
  • Cisco ACI and HashiCorp Terraform
  • Cisco Secure Data Center CVD Update



What Members Have To Say
Casey 10X100.png
Casey Teague — “We love how Cisco is breaking the fourth wall and involving their partners and customers in product discussions.”
Igor 100x100.png
Igor Lukic — CCP is a great way to provide feedback on and influence product decisions."
Sandro 100x100.png
Sandro Nardi — “CCP briefings and trials make me feel a part of the developing process for a better product while giving a preview of what will be next. Priceless!”
Matt M 100x100.png
Matt Miktus — “At times, working in technology can feel overwhelming with constant development & perpetual advancements. The CCP allows engineers to stay current and have a voice in this process.”
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