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Table Configurations define what information you show in your tables. A Table Configuration combines one or more filter criteria, a sort order and what columns are displayed and in what order. The Table Configurations can include both a selection of Preset Configurations (system provided) and you can also define your own Custom Configurations. Defining your own Custom Configurations is explained in a later article, in the advanced section of this User guide.

Consider the selected Table Configuration as your starting point to navigate the information in your table grid. On top you can then apply client based column filtering or apply a Workview, a Customer or a Project focus from the Left Pane filter.

Select a Table Configuration

To select your Table Configuration, on the top left corner of your table grid, select from the 'Filtering by' list of Preset (or Custom) Table Configurations, click on the down arrow  and select the appropriate value from the list of values.

A default Configuration is applied when landing in DCP. You can then optionally select a new Table Configuration from the menu, DCP will query the database server per the defined filter criteria and render the table with the defined column order and sort order.

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  • If the name of a Table Configuration is too long to fit the horizontal width of your list of values, a tool-tip is provided that shows the full name.
  • Some Table Configurations (e.g. 'All Content') only enable when a value is selected from the Left Pane Filter.

To understand the exact filter criteria of a particular Table configuration, you will have to open the Configurator. This is explained in a later article: Create your own Custom Table Configuration

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