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How upgrate Cisco WS-C3850-24XS


I need to update a Cisco device to version 16.12, I am currently on version 16.3. Is there a route to know if I have to go through an intermediate version or can I update directly to this version?


Edson A. Hernandez
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To determine if you can upgrade directly from version 16.3 to 16.12 on your Cisco device, you should consult the release notes for version 16.12. These notes should provide information on any required intermediate upgrades, as well as any other considerations you should be aware of before upgrading.

In general, it is best practice to review the release notes for any software upgrade to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process. The release notes will typically include information on known issues, new features, and any upgrade prerequisites.

1) Log in to your Cisco account on the Cisco website.
2) Navigate to the "Software" section of the website.
3) Select the product family and model of your Cisco device.
4) Locate the IOS software version you want to download
5) Before download clic on release notes

According to the switch model mentioned C3850 is compatible with the version you need upgrade

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Actually they are on the same path, you should not have any trouble so go directly, now always remember to extract a configuration back up and image IOS backup.

Also I share with you an useful link to know the major fixes of each image version.


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