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FTP Job Problem

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I'm struggling with an issue with an SFTP job that fails no matter what with the following;

In the Audit Log tab, it reports that "There is a problem with spool file for job"

In the Output tab it reports "FTP JOB Failed : Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt"

I've tried everything I can think of short of rebooting the master server. Uninstalling/restinalling/restarting agents, deleteing and recreating the job, restarting the master service. Nothing seems to correct the problem. I have other SFTP jobs on other machines working just fine.

Has anyone seen this issue before or have some info on how to resolve it? Thanks!

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Michael Durette
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Level 1

I would normally start by running the process outside ot TIDAL using WinSCP. If it works in that product, then I would point to TIDAL. In Tidal there are many things to look at.

1) User ID corrrect?

2) Password correct for logon user to FTP site?

3) Site your going to, is it only FTP and not SFTP?

4) The FTP Host, are you specifing a port?

5) Do you have to use an IP address instead of the DNS? I had that issue recently.

6) Local User, I never have one in that option, I always leave blank.

7) File system full. I ran into the /logs filling up the hard drive and nothing would FTP.

8) Try it from another box. It could be hardware.

Tracy Donmoyer
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Level 1

Can you provide some basic background, please?  What agent version and O/S?  Are these the same as for the agents that are succeeding? What is SSLVLDCRT set to for the agent?

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How was your issue resolved ? I am having the same issue.

Joe Fletcher
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Level 1

Try increasing the agent memory allocation. Set minmem to 512 and maxmem to 2048 in the ini file.

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