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Nexus Dashboard

Nexus Dashboard incorporates Nexus Insights, Network Assurance, and Multi-Site Orchestrator, as well...

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ACI L3Out with both BGP and OSPF?

Reference the screenshot below captured on a v4.2 fabric. Does it mean if I have both OSPF and BGP configured under the same L3Out, BGP would take precedence over OSPF for advertising fabric BD prefixes externally? If so, it is something new I learne...

Screenshot 2022-08-10 170522.png
m1xed0s by Contributor
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We recently migrated a pair of 4451 CUBE routers into our ACI fabric. Once we migrated layer 3 into the fabric, we started seeing issues where the CUBE VIP would go unresponsive for a minute or two - which takes the SIP trunk offline and drops all ac...

Is MACSEC over ACI VXLAN possible?

Is it possible to use switch-to-switch MACSEC encryption between two Catalyst 9300s that are connected to different leaf switches, at different sites, of an Cisco ACI multipod setup? The MACSEC ports on either end would be connected to the same EPG i...

tobin_jim by Beginner
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Does the UCSCMRAID12G Support SATA HDD?

I'm having an odd issue with a server (standalone C240 M4L) where the SAS SSD's are working fine, but using SATA HDD's causes TERRIBLE performance, and getting a bunch of "Unexpected sense" errors in the storage log, before it marks the SATA HDD driv...

SBS219 by Beginner
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Resolved! Requesting information on APIC-CLUSTER-XS

Hello all,In the APIC Data Sheet I see an APIC-CLUSTER-XS listed - basically an "extra small" APIC cluster with 1 physical M3 APIC and 2 virtual APIC's.However I can't find any documentation that discusses this deployment and what it would look like ...

vv0bbLeS by Beginner
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UCS Lan Cloud

Hello Folks, I met a strange setup for a LAN Cloud in UCS Manager (3.2.3k) There is a production VLAN with the same name and the same ID, which has been definied both in "Dual Mode", and also in "Fabric A" in the LAN Cloud (don't ask why ) - What wi...

ZoltanUCS by Community Member
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