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Hunt Pilot to Call Handler forwarding

We have a call center hunt pilot that routes to a DN if no members are logged in to the hunt group.  Circumstances require the call center to route their calls elsewhere at unpredictable times on short notice.Goal:We want the DN's user to then be abl...

Link aggregation using wireless and fiber optic

We want to design a network wherein if the wireless connection is lost/disconnected then it will utilize the fiber optic connection, and if we lose the fiber optic connection then we should be able to use the wireless connection. It would be from one...

deeu by Beginner
  • 4 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Multiple AIR-AP2802I-A-K9 access points flickering the LED

We got 6 AIR-AP2802I-A-K9 APs connected to same module of the switch is having LEDs flickering, but all are showing as registered in WLC and there is no logs in the switch also. But AP is not working for clients. What could be the possible reasons . ...

Redirect port 80 for a device on LAN

Hello,I have a STB which need to access to file on the router.Because I replaced the ISP Routeur by a CISCO one I need to redirect port 80 coming from STB to Router (which is a default gateway) to a local HTTP server.STB : : 192.168...

trucicator by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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ACL Vlan

Good morning !I am a beginner on cisco packet tracer, as part of a project that I have to carry out I am currently blocked at the level of ACLs, to put you in context I have 5 Vlans:V10 -> -> -> -> 192....

Ragounee by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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IGMP configuration in host side

Hi Here is a question. We use the below commands in a router (H1) to simulate a host to join a multicast group. The question is how to setup a real host, for example, Windows PC, to join the multicast group? Or just enter ip address thanks...

Is there any OID for physical port is down

Greetings,We have a channel-group connection with LACP maximum ports of one port as a main (Active) and the standby port as a backup path.due to provider company policy we can not mack the two ports as active. ( Note: device from our company is an IO...

CIMC configuration or setup USC C220

I received Cisco UCS C220 but cisco imc ipv4 ip is there is no F8 Cisco IMC configuration option at startup. I tried to reset the bios - in the bios itself and by removing the battery. It didn't change anything. Any help would be appreciated....

arch3r by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Hi Guys, Recently I have been talking about DHCP with my mentor and he asked me which parameters does the DHCP protocol provide to the client which is requesting an IP .So I said to him that DHCP gives the client an IP and the Subnet Mask ...He said ...

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