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Activity in Technology and Support

Creating public space with restrictions

Hi, I would like to create a public space where the members/admins can chat and they are the only ones who can see it and all the others can post and they can see the answers only. I do not know whether it is possible or not. Any thoughts welcome.Tha...

ifulop36 by Level 1
  • 0 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

uccx - CUIC 12.5.1 - Repors: Chart with abandoned call total

Hello world,I am working on creating a custom report based on the stock reports available for our call center. We would like to total the abandoned call  for each day, sorted by the hour of the day. I cannot seem to create a report that only shows th...

MyaDime by Level 1
  • 2 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

VPN Troubleshooting

Hello, as part of my preparation for CCNA Security I've been making up my own topologies and configuring them, however, I might need a little help with this one. In the topology (included .pka), I configured VLANs, Port Security, OSPF, OSPF Authentic...

xmorav45 by Level 1
  • 0 replies
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IPv6 ping not working when pinging other LAN

I configured the simple network below to test the connectivity of the ipv6 in the devices. The configurations are as shown and ipv6 unicast-routing is enabled. When pinging from Router 5 to Router 6 G0/1, it succeeds but when pinging from Router 5 to...

Unable to ping between two tunnel points

Hello, I built using the packet tracer a simple topology of three routers with ospf routing. I created a tunnel between the two routers that are not physically connected to each other, but I can't ping between one end and the other. I managed to ping...

Puzzling results when pasting in ACL config to switch

Hello, I was creating 2 decently large ACL's to match some traffic today and I noticed something peculiar that has me puzzled. My first ACL has approx 90 ace's and pastes them fine. When I go back and look at the ACL, it looks like there are only lik...

AP-AIR2802i-B-K9 No join

l installed newest version of Wireless controller 9800-CL Cloud but wont Join DTLS Error l dont why it wont join to controller 

lisavbedt by Level 1
  • 8 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Configuring NAT overload with vrf lite on a CAT9K

Good day;Need help with how I can configure NAT overload with an existing vrf on a CAT9K_IOSXE V16.12.  This is what I am struggling with, I currently have a vrf called AWSDX-S3.  Now what I am trying to do is I have added a L2 SW and ran trunk ports...

gurowar by Level 1
  • 4 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Wired Guest issues in foreign-acnhor setup

Wired guests are not able to get out to internet, they can ping only at when payload is set to 1300 bytes or lower, this seems like an MTU issue, but its only effecting wired guest not wireless guest. Setup is a 9800 foreign on 17.9.5 code and 5520 a...

ammahend by VIP
  • 2 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Disable SIP ALG on Firepower 1010 by Web or Telenet

Hey allI have a Firepower 1010, I need to disable the SIP ALG on it, I have access to the Web Client and Telenet access to make changes, can someone give me an easy way to make these changes, I don't have the ASA Software that could access with.

scsawyer by Level 1
  • 3 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Risport70 selectCMDeviceExt does not return CTI Port status

I am trying to retrieve the registration status of phones and CTI ports on CUCM using Python. To do this I am first running the CUCM AXL query listPhone to get a list of all phones I'm interested in. Then I pass this list to the SelectCmDeviceExt RIS...

skareem by Level 1
  • 1 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes
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