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Support for Terremark

Level 4
Level 4

We are starting to get a number of inquiries regarding supporting Terrmark similar to what we do with Amazon EC2 in the Multi-Cloud Accelerator kit. One of the first steps is to have a library of atomic activities in the orchestrator that use the APIs to provide functions in support of the service requests from IAC. Has anyone started working on CPO activities that work with Terremark? If so, it would be great to get a TAP published to the community that we could use to help accelerate this work.

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Level 4
Level 4

I did back in TEO 2.1.  I *might* be able to find this content, but I'm not sure it's worth all that much given that the API itself has probably evolved.

Terremark is a modified vCloud API.  It's not unthinkable that the vCD atomics could be close to what is needed.

It certainly would be useful to have these as a reference. So if we can get these that would be great. The suggestion to use the existing vCloud content as a starting point also makes a lot of sense. We could copy all the processes from vCloud into a new TAP and disable them; then as we tweak and test individual atomics against Terremark, we could enable them. I'm doubtful the vCloud atomics would work directly with Terremark without some modification, but I'm not that familiar (yet) with the Terremark API (modeled after or the same as vCloud (with modifications)?). By the way, the vCloud Director API is very much in line with the DMTF CIM for cloud (in fact, it looks like VMware heavily contributed to the model).

Terremark says they support the vCloud API. They were a launch partner for VMW.

2 years ago they had version 0.81 and maybe they now have full support