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ASA 9.1 and Context-Aware


I'm going to upgrade our ASA5525-X to the new 9.1(1) software which should support new ASA CX.

Has anyone tried new version of software with Context-Aware? Do I need to buy licence to enable CX?

Thanks and have a good day!


I upgraded the ASA image to 9.1(1). I'm struggling with the ASA CX software installation.

I use this procedure to install the CX software, but I'm stuck on step 7.

When I enter sw-module module cxsc recover boot I'm getting error:

Storage device not found.  Install drive and try again.

I believe you need a hardware kit for CX to work which comes with the license, as it needs a harddrive in the ASA to run

The ASA CX module might be a hardware module or a software module, depending on the ASA model. For ASA5525-X which I'm using it should be a software module.

Can you do a "dir disk0:" and confirm the output shows the file  asacx-boot-9.1.1.img which you copied onto there?

Ah, i missed that you were trying the new software based version, i have a 5585x with cx module sitting in my lab :-)

dir disk0: shows that I have the image:

135    -rwx  69318656     09:41:10 Dec 06 2012  asacx-5500x-boot-9.1.1-1.img

I tried to delete it and reupload it again, but I'm still getting the same error.

Storage device not found.  Install drive and try again.

Hmm that looks correct. Assuming you did the previous step correctly. i.e.:

sw-module module cxsc recover configure image disk0:asacx-5500x-boot-9.1.1-1.img

...then you should be all correct.

It might be time for a TAC case.

I just checked, and i am sure you actually need a harddrive in the ASA to use CX, even the software version.

I think you are right. I'm going to check with our supplier if we can get a hard drive for the ASA so we can install the software. Otherwise I'll raise  a ticket with Cisco TAC. Thanks.

I know from partner training that the CX software lives on an on-board SSD. When ordered with a new ASA X series, it comes installed.

The configuration guide doesn't explicitly identify the need to order an SSD separately for an upgrade to CX on an existing X series. However, an e-mail I just reviewed from Cisco indicates that orderability for the SSDs will begin in the next few weeks with shipment beginning in January.


By the way did you play with the CX feature? Is it worth spending time and money on?

Yes I worked through the labs with the CX and Prime Security Manager (PRSM). It's pretty complex to setup. If you've ever used ISE and you liked that, then you'll love CX. ;)

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Does any body have further views or thoughts on the software based CX for the 5500-x series?  This is a direction we're looking into.

Is it really that complex to set up?

I've checked out some of the overview videos and it looks pretty awesome!  But I know it is a very new product for the 5500-x series.  I just don't see the point of utilising the IPS module for the X series, when the CX will be the main direction for Cisco.


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