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IPS Regular expression character [?]


I understand the use of the ? character in a regex to match on 0 or 1 occurances of the previous character. But, I don't understand what it means when it is in braces. Some examples:

Sig 3200 RegEx ends with [? \r\n\t], it appears that there is a space after the ?. This seems to be matching on any white space (space, carriage return, newline or tab). But why is the ? important at the beginning.

Maybe a simpler example: signature 3232 looks for the string in a case insensitive fashion, but the regEx ends in [?]. Whta is the purpose of the ? in braces?



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When a "?" is in brackets, which signifies a character class, it means a match on the "?" character itself. Operators have no special meaning inside character classes, this includes "+,*,?,{,}" etc...

Thanks for the clarification. That makes perfect sense & I've seen it used before. I just did some testing with a few regex signatures that have the ? (often among other characters) & it does work this way. So, now I think my question is how is a ? interpreted by an http daemon - it seems to be that some signatures look for the ? specifically, while others look for it or a number of other white space like characters (space, new line, tab, etc).

When a '?' is passed as part of a URL, it signifies arguments to be passed to the resource being accessed.

For example, the URL would be interpreted as someone passing the argument 'cromulent' to a CGI script called 'search.cgi' running on a web server using the name ''.

This same technique has been used during some URL parsing attacks, format string attacks and other techniques where by a real resource on a server is accessed via a specifically crafted URL. (Remember and all its Unicode and hex obfuscated cousins?)

I hope this helps,

Alex Arndt