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Cheat-sheet for Catalyst 6500 with Sup 720




This document can be used as a cheat-sheet for troubleshooting on Cisco 6500.


Catalyst 6500 with Sup 720.

Useful Commands

Here i am presenting you some commands which are useful for troubleshooting on 6500. These commands are useful in two ways, once you learn what to see in these commands you can perform troubleshooting by yourself. Else, you can forward the outputs from these commands to TAC for investigation which will save total time taken for resolving any issue.

For troubleshooting any issue on any switch below commands are always required:

terminal length 0
show log
show clock
show tech
Show tech platform

And once you determine the problem type, You can use following commands for further investigation:

For Routing issues

On RP:

show ip arp
show ip cef
show adjacency detail
show ip route
show ip ospf statistics
show ip ospf neighbor
show ip bgp summary
show ip eigrp neigbor
show ip eigrp topology
traceroute w.x.y.z
show mls cef summary
show mls cef
show mls cef adjacency

On SP:

show mls cef ip detail
show mls cef inconsistency
show mls cef summary

For module issues

On RP:

show module <mod>
show idpeom all detail
show power
show diagnostic result <mod>

For Supervisor failure


show scp accounting
show scp counters
show eobc
show ibc
show ipc status
show ipc ports
show heartbeat
show fabric errors
show fabric utilization
show fabric channel


show scp accounting
show scp counters
show eobc
show ibc
show earl status
show earl statistics
show fabric errors
show fabric timeout
show ipc status
show ipc ports
show heartbeat

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Cisco Employee

Hello All,

I will be soon coming up with a similar docuemt for Nexus 7000.

Pulkit Nagpal

Technical Community Manager - NI

Cisco Employee
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