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NFVIS Solutions

Join peers and Cisco experts to discuss Cisco’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) products and s...

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SD-WAN and Cloud Networking

Join this community to interact with your peers and Cisco about SD-WAN and all things related to sec...

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Discuss Catalyst brand switches with peers and experts.

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Join us for information about our use cases, common troubleshooting, discussions, getting started gu...

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Same VLANs on different interfaces (Router, L3 Switch)

I have a couple of questions about this network. This is a part of configuration finishing with the error that stopped me.S1(config)#vlan 10S1(config-vlan)#name vlan10S1(config-vlan)#exitS1(config)#vlan 20S1(config-vlan)#name vlan20S1(config-vlan)#ex...

janic by Beginner
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BGP as-path prepend for specific destination

Dear all,I have a following topology in my lab:R1 (as 208097) -- > R2 ISP (as16010)  -- R3 (as 35805)                                                |                                      R4 (as 10101)I want to prepend my announce for AS35805 only wi...

mirage by Beginner
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What is the difference between CBS350 series switches and C1000 series switches

NTP Encryption

Is Cisco going to provide SHA1 encryption to the NTP authentication parameter?  This is now required in the DOD realm. 

DR in multicast

Hi there is a Designated router(DR) between RP and receiver. Looks like there is also a DR between source and RP. are the both DR same thing? thanks 

PC not getting IP from IP Phone Connected to Switch

Hello, We are having an issue where PC's that are connected to IP phones are not able to get DHCP IP addresses. The phones are able to get IP addresses but they are not passing the VLAN through to the PC. This switch is replacing an Aruba switch that...

timhenn98 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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MPLS LDP Session Establishment failed

Hello,i have tried to connect an ASR1004(RP2,ESP20,SIP10) and a C6504E(VS-S720-10G) over 10G direct links. 10G port on C6504E is located on a WS-X6708-10GE ( with WS-F6700-DFC3C) linecard. Both interfaces are "MPLS" enabled via "mpls ip"IP connectivi...

Steve by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Nexus 93180 vpC and VMWare recommendations

Probably should've bought different gear but got two 93180s in vPC config.3 VMWare hosts. 3 Vswitches on them. Each with 3 dual 25gbps NICs. Plus some 1gbps.Plan to use 2 ports from each host per vswitch connected to each Nexus for redundancy. Manage...

janit by Beginner
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Deploying SD-WAN Remote Access Solution

1. Goal2. Use Case Benefits3. Solution Architecture3.1 Topology Elements3.2 Prerequisites3.3 Restrictions4. Solution Deployment4.1 High Level Deployment Workflow5. Detailed deployment instructions5.1 CLI Configuration for Addon Template5.1.1 CLI Con...

rigoel_0-1682676695235.png rigoel_1-1682676695248.jpeg rigoel_2-1682676695281.png rigoel_3-1682676695300.png
rigoel by Cisco Employee
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BFD question

Hello, On Cisco 7600, I've the following commmand: bfd interval 750 min_rx 500 multiplier 4 - on interface. Now the service should be migrated to NCS540 with XR, how can be this translated because I don't have option "interval" Thank you!

kriskrs by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Extended Fast Software Upgrade (xFSU) - difference in commands?

Hello all,Per the Cisco documentation on Extended Fast Software Reload (xFSU) on 9300 switches, there are 2 commands to accomplish this "fast upgrade" process:install add file <image URL> activate xfsu commit (available in Cisco IOS XE 17.8 release a...

vv0bbLeS by Beginner
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Allow generic traffic from outside / vpn0

Dear Community, Currently we have a setup with 2 (two) C8500-12X4QC Routers. Those are located in our Datacenter where we also host some services to the public internet (services like mail, web and alike). Is it possible to configure those routers to...

mdewald by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Use Cases for using Reload vs Reload Fast

Hello all,If we have the option to use both the reload and reload fast option, would there ever be a reason to use the plain reload command instead of the new reload fast command? Basically, I would think you would always want to use the reload fast ...

vv0bbLeS by Beginner
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