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This community is for technical, feature, configuration and deployment questions. For production dep...

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Join peers and Cisco experts to discuss Cisco’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) products and s...

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L2TPv3 over DMVPN

Looking for ideas and thoughts on this one. I have an SVI/L3 interface on a 2911. I want to extend that vlan out to a remote 3560. This is for a lab and proof of concept... otherwise remotely extended the L2 domain is like playing with fire. 3560-->8...

Boot Statement vs flash:/packages.conf

Hi, installed new image on 4 3850 stacks. All of the stacks were configured with "boot system switch all flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.03.03.SE.150-1.EZ3.conf" when they were deployed. From what I understand if using the "software install comm...

9200L-48P-POE+ switch was factory reset

I received a 9200L from the field that was factory-reset. I tried to do an emergency-install from USB but it is not a valid command. So I then tried boot usbflash0:cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.09.04.SPA.bin and it seemed it was going to work, but now it is st...

KBMTech by Level 1
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GLC-FE-100FX-RGD version

What is different of GLC-FE-100FX-RGD V01  GLC-FE-100FX-RGD V02 and GLC-FE-100FX-RGD V03?Is there any offical documentation to explain it?I want to know what excatly item to each version.THX

no boot network and no ip identd commands

HelloI want to understand where we can use  the below mentioned boot network and no ip idented.I am trying on multiple platforms/hardwares like 6500, 4900 , 3700 and 7600 but it is working on 6500 and 7600 only. Are these  commands platfo...

DCHP failed. APIPA is being used problem in packet tracer

Hello, I need assistance concerning a little project of mine, so I've set up a firewall asa 5055 to automatically assign an ip address to each of the PC i have set in the packet tracer program but i keep getting the error "DCHP failed. APIPA is being...

Vasky by Level 1
  • 13 replies
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ASR-9K (vrf and management interface)

I see that regular IOS & NX-OS & ASR(IOS-XE) have different ways of setting out-of-band management interface. Below is brief config. I can ping my immediate default gw but can't ping anything outside of my vlan/subnet. Help appreciated, thanks! ##...

sendalot7 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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BDI configuration N520-20G4Z-A

Hello, I'm trying to get a N520 configured to take over for ME3400 we are replacing. I'm not familiar at all with Bridge Domain being a replacement for vlans. I'm trying to wrap my head around why my config works with the Mgmt-intf VRF  to ping the d...

Adcom911 by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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SD-WAN OMP Graceful Restart timer

In my environment the OMP Graceful Restart timer is set to 7 days.If the vSmart is down, with the above the cEdge will have the routes till 7 days.After 7 days the routes will flush and the dataplane will be down.My question is assuming the vSmart is...

RS19 by Level 4
  • 10 replies
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How to Set Up Multiple SC via Virtual Ports - Catalyst 9300

In the Security Configuration Guide, Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series Switches, it mentions using virtual ports as a way to set up multiple MKA sessions on the same physical port for your catalyst. However, I am unable to find documentation of how...

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