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CSA browser issue

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Team,

I am new to CSA and installed it yesterday and I was able to access it properly, Since today morning i am not able to access it, it gives me the following message in the browser

"You must enable the META Refresh security setting on your browser in order to view this site.Please consult your user guide for additional information about browser requirements."

I enabled the meta refresh in the internet security options in the browser, But no go..

I am running CSA version 5.1 in IE 6, Please help.

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Level 7
Level 7

First off, why would you do a fresh install of such an old version ? Secondly, are you talking about when you try to access the management website for the csamc ?


I am here for the implementation at the client side, I wonder why he has purchased the same. Anyways, You are correct this error come when i open the CSA-MC on the browser.I have tried different browsers as well..


In Internet Options>Security> (whatever zone the MC is in)>Miscellaneous section

Enable - Allow META REFRESH.

It's either a GPO in their environment or part of the browser install.



I have already tried the following

1.Enables the meta refresh in the browser

2.Tried Mozilla

3.Tried Chrome

4 Tried updating IE-7 and IE-8

Still facing the same issue, However in IE-7 and IE8 most of the times it opens and sometimes fails and gives me the same error



Is it just from your own pc, or from more ? Have you tried starting the website with a browser on the csamc server itself ?

I have tried more then 5 pc's and same issue occurs from the csamc server itself.

Is there any update for me..



Are you using a proxy in your browser ? maybe you didn't exclude local networks from it ?

No proxy at all in the browser.. Should I upgrade the CSA-MC to the latest version. It there any prerequisite my curent version is 5.1, Will it be Paid or free.

It's free if your annual maintenance is current.