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Single PDF File For SXI Command Reference

Reza Sharifi
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It there any way to have a single downloadable PDF file for IOS command reference for 6500 switches? Currently, it is only available alphabetically.

There are single command references for smaller switches like 3560s, 3750, etc...

I am specifically looking for 12.2 SX master command reference. I work in an environment, where we don't have access to Internet and would be nice to have a single PDF file to search for commands off line.



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Linda Waterhouse

Hi Reza,

It's great that you find our command references helpful. Full-book PDFs are very handy indeed. There are 32 IOS command references that support the 12.2 SX releases, and each one has a full-book PDF.

A command reference like the one for the Catalyst 3750 on 12.2 SE contains only those commands that are specific to the 3750. For a complete picture of all the commands that are supported on the 3750 for this release, the doc refers to the IOS command references.

I think you are looking for a single PDF that includes all the commands that are supported on the 6500 in the 12.2 SXI release. Our tools don't currently support the ability to create such a collection, but we are hoping that will change in the future. For now, the 32 12.2 SX full-book PDF command references are what we can offer.



Thanks for your response. The link you sent is exactly what I am talking about. Currently, you can only download A-C, D-E, F-L and etc... What I was hoping for is to be able to download all of these in a single PDF, so you don't have to go from one doc to another to search for a command.



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