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ACI: problem with uSeg (VMM, UCS)


Hello everyone.

I've done integration between ACI 4.2(4k) and VMware 6.7.

ESXi hosts are connected to UCS fabrics. VMM vlan pool trunked between FIs and ACI and between FIs ans UCS hosts.

I create test EPG and add VMM domain there, configure VM and all work as expected. VM can ping pervasive gw on a leaf side.

But once I set Allow Micro-Segmentation = True VMs stop ping gw.

I can see VMs in EPG->Operational->Client End-Points with correct encapsulation and Learning Source both 'vmm' and 'learned'.

Also VLANs reflected to appropriate DVS in VMware. But ping from VM to its GW still fails.

Could you please help ? I can provide any other details.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello.  May I ask if you also configured your UCSM to use PVLANs?  You need this if you are using UCS B/C series with Fabric Interconnects. 

In UCSM, go into the LAN area and look at any VLANs you intend to use for uSeg.  It is a good idea to think in VLAN-pairs as one VLAN will be marked as "Primary" and the corresponding VLAN marked as "Isolated".  You can, and should, use dynamic VLANs pools in ACI so you don't have to manually assign these VLANs (but you can use a static VLAN pool if you want, and assign the encaps yourself).

One other thing to note.  The UCS FI-6324 used in 'UCS-Mini' is not capable of doing PVLANs.  You'll need a regular sized FI-pair to do uSeg with VMM integration. 

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