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Anycast gateway over multicast?

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ACI is very new to me, so may have to excuse my ignorance!


I'm currently troubleshooting an issue where hosts in the same BD, but in different pods, aren't able to ping.


I've had a small amount of exposure to VxLAN and EVPN and have encountered similar issues which turned out to be multicast related. However, this issues is different in that I am able to ping from anycast gateway to a host in the remote pod. 


Does anyone have

experience/encountered similar issues when migrating to ACI?



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Are they in the same EPG? If not do you have a contract between them?


Is the BD set for ARP flooding? Is ARP resolving? Could be an issue with multicast in the IPN. 

Hi Richmond,


Thanks for getting back. Everything in terms of ACI was correct. EPG, BD etc. My particular set up involved the insertion of a another device between the IPNs. It was this device which was missing the multicast configuration. Managed to figure it out this morning.


I suppose my confusion came from being unable to ping between hosts in different pods, but being able to ping across pods to a host from the pervasive GW in the other pod. I neglected that this sort of communication wouldn't require multicast.



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Its application centric , so you need to put them EPG before the hosts can communicate. .EPG is associated to BD.

If you have already done putting them in EPG,Are they in same EPG? 

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