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CLI for checking routes on Cisco ACI

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Referring to my old Old long back, I requested for CLI commands on Cisco ACI for checking received and advertised routes for Dynamic routing protocols.


Received commands for BGP. but..


I was troubleshooting something related to OSPF but unable to check the relevant CLI commands for checking receiving routes via OSPF and the routes which we advertised to remote site via OSPF.


Can anyone suggest.

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Checking in dynamic routing protocols is not diffrent within Cisco ACI compared to normal NX-OS. 

If you want to know which LSA you received from your ospf neighbor then check the ospf database. You need to be aware of the ospf topology (area) the ACI border leaf is in. And you need to know for which linksate-adverstisment you are looking for: if the LSA you are looking for is inter (LSA-type 3) or intra (LSA-type 1 or 2) or even from ospf border router (LSA-type 5 or 7). From the ospf database spf path calculation is run and selected routes are put into RIB.



show ip ospf database vrf TENANT:VRF 


There you should see which LSA you received from which originating router


Then you can check RIB:

show ip ospf route vrf TENANT:VRF <PREFIX>






Hello Lukas , 




Actually we are advertising default route to remote end via OSPF, Unfortunately we don't find any option to check this on Troubleshooting command (show commands). 





Hello All, 


would be great and helpful .If anyone can check and reply on this.

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Hello @netbeginner ,


What Lukas suggested is the only way to extract the data you need from the switches. 

The difference between BGP and OSPF is that the latter exchanges a DB rather than advertise prefixes like the former. Then each node reads the DB information in order to compute the shortest path from its point of view. This means that in order to understand what prefixes are originated from which router you need to read the OSPF DB. Unfortunately this is not an easy task at the beginning but you can find a lot of resources online that could help you with this.




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