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out-of-service port on leaf

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Level 1

I upgraded my ACI from 4.2 to 5.1.

one leaf decided to drop an epg. all  ports that connect to Repg are out of service. if i changed the port to other epg it come up and work. as soon as i put back to its original epg it become unusable.when I run show endpoint on that leaf I can see other devices on that leaf on the same epg but that resides on other leafs. there's also  vpc with other leaf there other side is up but on this switch is out-of-service

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Level 1
Level 1

I got that error before , but not due to upgrade...actually  in my case  there is  Port-channel , and one member  port of this  port channel was down (admin down) , when assign this port-channel to EPG....I get Fault in this EPG "Out of service"...problem resolved after no shut down that port.

all ports  on that leave that belongs to one epg are out of service even port channels. for now i have downgraded the leave to 4.2 and is working. although is working but is not a solution is a workaround. am afraid what if another leave decide to drop other epg what then.

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