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problem with discovering second leaf in APIC



I have two issues with my new setup.

1) First leaf node was discovered successfully after register that first leaf, two spine nodes were discovered automatically. But I am not able to see my second leaf node in Fabric membership. I have ensured that cable connections are good. 


2) one of my spine node status is showing as "inactive" for long time. Please find below output


admin@apic1:~> acidiag fnvread
      ID             Name    Serial Number         IP Address    Role        State     LastUpdMsgId
     101    n9396a      SAL2321T8LL    leaf           active             0
     103    n9508a      FGE1743058B   spine         inactive          0x1000000000705
     104    n9508d      FGE18320C41   spine         active             0          



How can i fix these two issues. Please help me if anybody having solution.



Thanks in advance,






Hi Karthikeyan,1) I noticed

Hi Karthikeyan,

1) I noticed you said the setup is new, but just in case was the second Leaf ever part of another ACI Fabric?

 - If you have console access to the second Leaf, check the output of the show lldp neighbors command to verify it can see both Spines. Log onto the active Spine and run this same command to verify that LLDP packets are being sent between the switches.

 - Check the version of the Leaf to make sure it's the same as the other switches with the acidiag version command. It may not join the fabric, due to a mismatch with your default firmware policy.

 - You can check if the switch has been part of another fabric by logging onto the command line of the Leaf and using the cat mit/sys/summary command. If the value of the state field is in-service then the configuration needs to be wiped and reloaded.

2) For the inactive Spine (103), check the date using the date command and compare with the APICs / Switches. If the clock is too out of sync the switch can show as inactive.

Example of a command to change the system date

 date ‘071112302015’ 

 to change the date to July 11 12:30 PM 2015.


Hope this helps.



Hi Robert, Thanks for your

Hi Robert,


Thanks for your valuable input.


second leaf node worked for me as you said I wiped out and reloaded.


Spine and APIC having same date and time. But I found problem with certificate. Hence im working on it.

Once again thanks for your help.