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ACE 4710 Redundancy Design and Configuration Question


I am currently configuring 2 4710s to be deployed in our datacenter. It would be very much appreciated if anyone could help answer the following questions for me:

1) With etherchannels configured, can I configure HA on ACE without the need for a dedicated port? In otherwords, can I run HA over the trunked etherchannel ports or I need to dedicate a physical interface for that?

2) When do I need the 'alias' in my configuration

3) Do I need to configure HA for all the individual contexts on the 4710? What minimum configurations do I need on any other context beside the ADMIN context?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Gilles Dufour
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can run HA on trunk.

But it is safer to have a dedicated link so you do not lose HA packets because your trunk BW is full.

You need alias everywhere you need to communicate with the ACTIVE without knowing which one exactly is the active.

For example, the default gateway for the backend servers should be the ACTIVE.

You need to configure HA for each context independently.

If a context exist on both unit, you need HA.

But you only configure 1 FT interface and 1 peer.

you only need 1 group per context.


Thanks for your detailed response!

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