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Content Engine and PHP WebSites


I have Content Engines in a transparent caching scenario. The HTPP traffic being redirected to the CEs are from squid proxies.

Sometimes, for php written sites, when the client tries to access the website or a particular link in a website, instead of getting the site content he gets a popup window asking if he wants to save the content or cancel the operation.

I noticed that this problem does not happen if I force the client browsers to use HTTP1.1 through proxy connections or if ... I clear the cache content (the content engine content).

If I access these sites using a dial-up line this problem doesn't happen. Only from the customer network, where I deployed the transparent caching solution does this happen.

Does anyone have a clue regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance for your attention.



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I think there is problem with the configuration on the CE. Please check the rules which are applied for PHP. Since you are able to access the HTTP sites, i think the rules which are applied for the PHP must be incorrect.

Thanks for your reply.

I do not have any rules applied on the CE configuration.

After looking to some sniffer traces I took I suspect that my problem is related with the fact that I have requests made with browsers configured for HTTPv1.0 through proxy connections and others HTTPv1.1 through proxy connections.

When a client browser makes the request using HTTPv1.1 through proxy connections the content will be cached in encoded gzip format.

At a later time when another client, this time using HTTPv1.0 through proxy connections, tries to access the same content the content engine will deliver it encoded ... but the browser does not support it, and a pop-up window appears asking if the user wants to save the content.

So, now I suspect that this has nothing to do with the site itself but only with the requests and responses.

The clients are behind squid proxies.

It is the traffic originated by the squid proxy that is being redirect trough WCCP to the content engine.

I will do additional tests and try to find a way to solve this issue.

Once again Thanks for your reply.

I've you have any additional comments, feel free!

I need it :)


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