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Managing WAAS central managers centrally

Hi Experts,

I would like to ask anyone who can assist.

My question is around the management of more than one MPLS VPN customers with Cisco WAAS deployed on their network, I want know if Cisco has a management solution that can manage all WAAS CMs centrally on one management portal?

I'm asking this question because as  a big Service Provider we have customers that are interested in WAAS but the management of the solutions is challenging in terms of central management and Cisco's competitor Riverbed has a central management solution to manage all customers with riverbed in their networks.



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Cisco does not have a "manager of managers" for it's WAAS solutions ... but :

"Basically" one (large) CM could administer many WAEs in different customer VPNs, provided that the CM has access (port 443, 8443 and perhaps ftp) to all the WAEs.

Different customers would probably have to be in different device groups, for policy and report separation.

However when writing "Basically" I mean :

For security reasons it could be, that this isn't acceptable (from the customers point of view) that a multi-tenant Management platfform, which holds certificates for customer placed equipment, has access to different customer networks.

Also if this is customer certificates (e.g. for SSL optimization) this might frighten some customers.

One further impact could be that WAAS software versions on the WAEs will have to follow the version on the Central manager, at least to some extent.

Best Regards


Finn Poulsen


The service provider perhaps can have one big server to run multiple virtual instance of the Central Managers , one vCM per customer , one of the reasons the CM doesn't support multi-tenant for security consideration (i.e holding SSL certificates and private keys ,etc.) 

BTW Riverbed doesn't have a central managements for their managers , they only have CMC (central management console) product which manages the Steelhead nodes (Accelerators) .