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WAAS wae-7541 Software Upgrade/ Downgrade via CLI

I need to downgrade a WAE 7541 from the CLI as my CM is on an earlier version so I cannot do it from the CM.  Does anyone have the process/ procedures for this?
Cisco Employee

Hello d.worthley,


I'm attaching the downgrade considerations from release note 6.2.3x

You can look for the release notes of your current version here:


It is my understanding this is not the CM, so a back up of a WAE working as an accelerator should just be a copy of the running config.


The process should be pretty much the same as an upgrade.

Download the universal binary image from the cisco site.

Then you could either:

-Put it on your internal FTP server

-Copy it directly to the WAE using it as an FTP server (you can enable the ftp service with: "inetd enable ftp" then going to your browser and typing ftp://[WAE IP]


If you sent it to your internal FTP server, then you can either do:

copy ftp disk [ftp server IP] [Remote file directory] [Remote file name] [local file name]

This will copy the file into the WAE.

Then you can install it with "install [file name]


Or you can install from the FTP server directly using:

Copy ftp install [ftp server IP] [Remote file directory] [Remote file name]


Hope it helps.

Another procedure that you have  to upgrade via cli is as follows:-
1) Download the WAAS bin image from cco to your computer
2) Ftp to the wae (assuming that you have the following command enabled
on your wae "inetd enable ftp")
 Also make sure when you are ftping from the command prompt on your Desktop to the wae's ip you are on the same
 directoty path on which the WAAS bin image is present on your Desktop.
3) Put the WAAS bin image on the wae using the ftp put command( make sure the ftp transfer is in binary mode)
4)Verify if the image is present on the wae , telnet to the wae, cd to /local1 and type dir
and you should see the bin image
5) Next type install
6) Reload the wae
7) Log in and check the sh ver output on the wae
The above procedure basically downloads the bin image on the wae from your desktop, and after the upgrade you can delete the WAAS bin image by
entering the delfile file name.