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Captive Portal in initial setup wizard

Brian Bergin
Level 4
Level 4

During the initial setup wizard you've given only once choice for Captive Portal, to create a redirect URL.  If you don't check that box some generic CP is created even if you don't want it.  The initial setup wizard needs to create a full featured captive portal and allow the user to assign it to desired networks, otherwise I recommend removing it totally from the setup wizard and creating a separate wizard for CP only per my previous post.

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Xiao Han
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Yes, it only support one radio at setup radio, it's not friendly, we will try to improve it.

But if you choose "No, thanks"option and it won't enable CP and no generic CP will created.



My point was I don't want to click "No Thanks" I want the setup to create full featured CPs or there needs to be a CP wizard in the CP area.  This is going to be a small business device thus you'll be selling it to often inexperienced business owners who won't know how to use the features so you need to provide easy setup options or you need to have very detailed step-by-step how-to pages which Cisco isn't known for.  All too often users are left to their own accords or to post in forums asking for advice on how to do something.  A wizard to create a full featured CP would go a long way toward giving the proud owner fuller use of this device.

Yes, we discussed with our team and we'll work to propose new captive portal wizard flow for a feature release.

Thanks.  I hoping for a fully redesigned Captive Portal.  Cisco lost sales over what you have now on the 321 and 561.  They are simply unworkable for a small business with the requirements for an e-mail address and a check box.  That's just not what your competitors are doing.  Short of a full redesign it'll be hard for me to lead with Cisco.