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Port Management confusion

Brian Bergin
Level 4
Level 4

In Port Management, on where Basic Information is displayed on the right after clicking a port, the oval boxes are not clear what they do (basic v. advanced).  I recommend replacing the buttons with words -or- put the words inside the buttons.  In fact, if one isn't on the page the Advanced button isn't even displayed until you accidentally hover over the section in the right hand window.  See attached....

I also still believe you need to make this very clear that only Cisco switches will be displayed here not routers.  I still recommend this is called Switch Management not Port Management.

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Brian,

The slider is more of a convenience - it just duplicates the functions of the buttons at the bottom of the panel.  If it does prove to be confusing, I'd be inclined to remove it entirely.

The hover behaviour does seem to be inconsistent, and I'd call that a bug.  I *think* that is a recent thing, as I haven't noticed before and I thought I would have if it had been happening for a long time.  Unfortunately, it almost certainly won't get fixed before we release now.  the 1.0 version is close to being frozen now.

Regarding what gets displayed here, while it is true this is only switches now, we should have the RV32x routers included in a couple of months, so it is a really short window of time when it is switches only.  I'd be reluctant to change the navigation immediately after the product first ships.


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