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Need help on 5512 Port forwarding (port mapping)

I need help setting up a 5512 device: Specifically,  port forwarding (port mapping) must be setup allowing an external connection from the domain on external port 8090 to be forwarded internally to the SQL server on port ...

The following e-mail

Good afternoon, my  name is Dennis Houlihan, and I am the Educational/E-Rate consultant with Horizon Information Services, INC. Today I received the following e-mail. Dear Partner,     This is to inform you that your Cisco Registered Partner status h...

dhoulihan by Beginner
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E-mail setup

When setting up e-mail and something fails, it'd be very helpful to get the verbose session transcript to see what's happening.  Thus far I'm unable to get FindIT to send via Office 365 despite copying/pasting credentials and server info.

Warranty links

It'd be great to see links in the warranty status reports that send people to a website that lists part numbers and ordering options to purchase or renew warranty contracts.  Seems like a great way for Cisco to sell these contracts.

Probe setup

I still believe the Probe setup needs to require a static IP.  Assuming that everyone who uses this will know or what to know how to find the DHCP address of the Probe is wrong.  In an small business environment that just may not be the case.