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Possible enhancement: Easier "Delete account" - and "Delete" an un-activated client


Hi all,

So, here's an interesting scenario we stumbled upon, that I was curious if there was an easier/better way to "cancel out of".  Allow me to explain:

We have a couple of "false activations" in our account list right now due to a PLG device that failed (hardware failure), and in another case, due to another deployment arrangement that ended up not working out.  In both cases, we ended up starting to set up an account in the OnPlus portal, it's now in the "awaiting activation" state (see photo below), but we have no intention of activating those accounts.  We just want to delete them.


I could be wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a way to easily delete an account that's in the "awaiting activation" state... It almost seems like you have to proceed with the activation in order to do anything else with the account.

On that note - now that I inspect the UI closer - how do we actually delete an account, in general, including a successfully activated one?  There doesn't seem to be an easily intuitive way to do it... or am I just being a dummy?  ;-)


-- Dave Bainum, PMP* (

RiteTech LLC / / Tel. +1 (703) 561-0607

[*PMP=PMI Certified Project Management Professional]

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Hi Dave,

If you go to the Profile tab on the top bar as shown in first screenshot below, you will get an option to Delete the customer (see second screenshot).

Hope this helps though I hope you only need to keep adding customers



Aha!  Super - thanks so much!

Yes, we also hope that the general trend will be to ADD, rather than Delete... ;-)

-- DB

Hi Dave,

You aren't the first person that has had trouble locating the 'Delete Customer' option.

Our UI team is aware of this and they may eventually find a better place to put the Delete and Suspend options.


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