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Tree view vs. previous manual layout

Brian Bergin

The tree view is nice for perhaps a dozen devices, after that it's unusable.  The problem is it's all too easy to accidentially click on the Tree View button in the Topology.  I'd like it to either warn me or let me set a default view that returns no matter what view I choose while I'm in the portal.

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We used to have an option when switching TO manual layout that allowed you to select:

  Manual Layout based on current (automatic) positioning

  Manual Layout based on last set manual layout.

This proved to be confusing and was discontinued after user feedback.

The suggestion of a confirmation dialog seems like a good way to go. Possibly ask for confirmation when reverting back to automatic view if there are more than some fixed number of devices. I'll see if we can get this in for our next drop.


Well I can tell you when you accidentially click on this tree view it's a disaster.  Another thing you used to have was a wheel view vs. the tree view and that wasn't good either, but tree only works well with about a dozen items and two of our test customers have dozens and if you click that it's a killer.  I still think you need a revert or a way to save different views.

Hmmm..... Now that might be the way to go.  Let's think this out a bit.  I could create one view with all the different departments computers near each other regardless of their OS but another view that groups all Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7, Servers, etc... with each other.  There could be views based on how much RAM, disk space, etc...  The possiblities are endless, but it's clear the tree view is only workable if you have a huge monitor (I have 2 24" and even with IE spread across both the tree veiw doesn't work for 60+ devices let alone a couple hundred).


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