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Preventing Jabber custom tab switch on a call

Rising star
Rising star

I have a web app running in a custom jabber tab. The app amongst other things, allows recording of voicemail greetings from a box other than the user's own. I'm using CUTI to do so. But, when I tell CUCN to call the user, and the user answers the call in their jabber, jabber changes to the call tab as soon as the call is being answered. While I can get a js notification that the tab has changed, is there any way prevent the tab switch (so that my app is still being shown once the call has been answered). Or is there another way?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Perhaps you could detect a call being answered using some of the provided Jabber embedded tab JS functionality, and then try a window.focus() request if the call is from your service?  I'm not sure if the built-in Jabber browser will honor it, or do what you want/expect - I suspect not, but curious to know...

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