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CSCvo06094 - Failed to install NX-OS by "install all nxos tftp//xx"



I tried to performe a Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack firmware upgrade, I followed the steps given by Cisco (link:


I encoutred a problem after running the script RunFirmwareUpdate.ps1 it shows on the PowerShell console « Failed to process nxos image » then the script stops.

FYI I have runed the script RunFirmwareUpdate.ps1 before but due the fact that the upload of the nexus OS took a long time  I stoped the script manualy ( using Ctrl+Break)


please find pllew the details :


AZURESTACK#  install all nxos bootflash:/Firmware/nxos.7.0.3.I7.6.bin


Installer will perform compatibility check first. Please wait.

Installer is forced disruptive


"Failed to process nxos image".


COMMENTAIRES : TORSwitch-A : Failed to install NX-OS, Exception: Installation Failed

COMMENTAIRES : Restore the monitor and computer sleep time.

Clean-up the modules imported for firmware upgrade.

COMMENTAIRES : Removing the Posh-SSH  module.

COMMENTAIRES : Removing the NexusFirmwareUpdate  module.

COMMENTAIRES : Removing the FWUpdateCommon module.

Modules clean-up completed.

TORSwitch-A : Failed to install NX-OS, Exception: Installation Failed

Au caractère

D:\azsfirmwareupgrade\Cisco_UCS_AzureStack_FwUpdate_0.9.2.16\FirmwareUpdate\common\FWUpdateCommon.psm1:153 : 5

+     throw $Message

+     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (TORSwitch-A 10....allation Failed:String) [], RuntimeException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : TORSwitch-A : Failed to install NX-OS, Exception: Installation


Please help on how I should resolve this issue.

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