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CSCvq81718 - Feature Request Allow Remote Uninstallation from AMP Console - 1

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This is a much needed feature. Since an upgrade can be triggered from the console. there should be a similar trigger created for an uninstall

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Hi there,

Has this feature been added yet or is there some sort of workaround? This issue has been open since 2019 and the links to open a support case do not work. My company really needs to remove endpoints remotely as they do not get deleted when you "delete computer" in the console and just appear back on the list. This is a major flaw as there are many employees who have left that still have AMP installed on their BYOD. I am aware that you can add such machines to a group or policy but this is not a good fix, just a bandaid solution.


Surely there are hundreds of companies in the same boat as it has only just come to my attention this year after doing a few access reviews that when you do try to delete a computer remotely - they just reappear. And in all cases it is not an option to just contact the employee who has left and get them to manually uninstall from their machine as this is over a number of years or they are located in another country or they do not respond.


It is imperative that with majority of people working from home thanks to the pandemic that this security issue be rectified ASAP. Thanks.

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