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CSCvt41136 - Call history showing incorrect caller name - 1

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I have found this bug report that says this issue was resolved in 12.8.2.X but I have 1 user that has noticed this issue in the latest version. I did not find a bug report for this issue and the 12.9.0 version. Should this version be added to this bug or is there another resolution?

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Good morning. Did you ever get an answer on this? We're having this issue on 12.8.1 and am wondering if 12.8.2 or 12.9.0 actually address it. if those two versions don't address it, it would help for Cisco to update the Bug ID page.

Quick update: We have a user who's on 12.9.3 and is still experiencing this issue, off and on. We've tried clearing cache, but the issue comes back. It doesn't happen every day, but it is still happening.

I did not get an answer. Seems like signing out and resetting Jabber might fix the issue, but you risk losing history.

A quick update on this. I'm not sure why, but they ended up creating another Defect ID for this. It's CSCvx91693.


The user that was experiencing this is now on Jabber 14.0 and we're monitoring to see if Cian Walsh pops up again.

Have you had any reports of this issue coming up on version 14? We have had quite a few reports of the issue with different versions of 12.x but we have not tried version 14 yet.

Hey, Jeremy. Just followed up with the user who last reported this and Cian Walsh is still popping up, but only on outbound calls. User is currently on 14.0.0, but will soon be on 14.0.1 (slow push to all users).


Hope this helps.


I have the same Problem with Cisco Jabber 14.0.3.

is there a solution yet?

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You Guys will probably not belive this ...

I'm on Jabber 14.1.5.XXXX and expirienced "the Ghost named 'Cian Walsh" today while scrolling through my call history on the search for a quick redial.

I suddenly came accross this entry that also directly, in the wink of an eye disapperead again.

But I managed to get a glimpse at the name and hittet it into the allmighty Oracle with the big 'G' ...

THIS Post came up first ... nice ... I'm still set up good on my regular medication and do not need to talk with my dac about "seeing things ..."

A little bit deeper down the line comes up a Guy called ... you've guessed it ... "Cian Walsh".

Now comes to funny part: on this post here, he tells about how he was involved with in the project of creating "the user expirience" on Cisco Products. For example ... JABBER ...



So, I'm guessing, while scrolling down the call list, the Jabber lags a bit on showing the info, and so the name "Cian Walsh" is put there as an eternal placeholder ...

It is in the UI Design ...