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CSCvt55321 - Jabber Team Messaging Mode contact migration prompt does not appear

Level 1
Level 1

After experiencing this issue I looked for a bug that might explain the behavior and found this bug.  However because it said it was "fixed" and didn't sight the version I was running I opened a TAC case to verify.  After having to escalate to a senior TAC engineer, they still made me jump through all the hoops switching modes, collecting logs, etc.  When all was said and done the sighted the same bug ID I sent them in the first place.  


Now I understand bugs need to be confirmed, so I'm fine with going through "the process".  This is (apparently) fixed in 12.8(2) which has yet to be released.  It is generally confirmed with the presence of the following in the log:

2020-04-27 10:23:59,572 WARN  [0x00005714] [in\person\IMContactListProvider.cpp(111)] [csf.person] [csf::person::IMContactListProvider::fetchContactsOperation] - Contact list is not injected, it will be returned once it is injected.

2020-04-27 10:23:59,572 INFO  [0x00004550] [rk\migration\MigrationLifeCycle.cpp(206)] [csf.person.spark] [csf::person::spark::MigrationLifeCycle::InMigrationStatus] - In migration mode: false

2020-04-27 10:23:59,572 DEBUG [0x00004550] [directory\ContactListFeatureSet.cpp(550)] [ContactService-ContactsAdapter] [CSFUnified::ContactsAdapter::LoadContactsFromSource] - start ContactsAdapter::LoadContactsFromSource



If Cisco could just post accurate information in bugs it would save everyone a lot of time and I wouldn't have had to even open a case in the first place:


  • The bug status should not be “Fixed” as it is clearly not.
  • It should state it also affects 12.8(1).
  • A reference to 12.8(2) should be listed in known fixed releases.
  • Symptoms should include a reference to the log entry you sited.


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