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Ben Claudin

Scheduling with TMSXN

Who on the support forum uses TMSXN?


We are TRYING to implement TMSXN currently.

There are several issues with it so far:

1) The Resource Reservation template that Cisco supplies did not include the Administration/Settings link to the Profile document. I had to have my Notes Developer add an Action into it so that I could open the Profile document and add the TMS settings into the file. 

2) Cisco refuses to supply me the mail template design elements unique to the Cisco-supplied mail file. Even though, in the Getting Started Guide, integrating into an environment with an existing customized template is called out as available. 

The latter leaves us with 2 options:

a) Using a design synopsis or manual search, go through the entire Cisco-supplied mail template to find the elements that have been added and/or modified by Cisco.

b) Set our existing customized mail template to inherit its design from the Cisco-supplied template - OR - Set the Cisco-supplied template to inherit its design from the customized template we use. 

First option is painful, since it will be a manual effort and might result in mistakes / oversights. 

Second option is potentially worse, since I'm not certain it would work as expected, and might wreak havoc in our large mail environment. 

If Cisco would just explain which design elements are unique to its solution in its Getting Started Guide, this would be a simple setup. 

There are also all these odd caveats, like you can't use 8.5.3 FixPack3 or 4, but FixPack5 works fine, but they haven't tested newer versions (e.g. FixPack 6 or Notes 9). So, seems like it might be a touchy solution depending on specific DLL versions on the Domino Server running it. 

They also claim that running it in a Notes Clustered environment isn't supported, but I'm not sure how that would make any difference as long as you aren't participating in the cluster at the database level (exempt the Cisco TMS Resource Database from clustering). 

Lastly, they are saying that TMSXN support is going away, and are pushing hard to get me to use a third party solution (read: more money). 


The mail template is in the zip file you extract. I am trying to find another company that has issues with private rooms. I ihave TMSXN fully working minus the private room issue

Thanks for the reply, Ben.

Yes, I realize the mail template is in the zip file. However, we need to integrate the Cisco-specific elements into our existing corporate heavily customized mail template. 

Did you do this (integrate into an existing customized template), or do you just have your users have the design supplied by Cisco?

My Notes Team just use the Cisco one. I will be getting rid of Notes in a year hopefully