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Wpa3 client fails to connect with Ap1832


I have a strange issue, specially for a secure advised Cisco Product.

I have 5x 1832i Access-Points, one of them acting as their "WLC" so called Mobility Express Mode.

With WPA2 anything is fine. As soon as I change a WLAN to WPA3, the Clients can't connect anymore

(They can connect, but don't get an IP from DHCP).

Checked all Settings multiple times, anything fine, as long as its WPA2, as soon as I choose WPA2+3 or only WPA3, the above described issue appears!


Is there a fix for that? WPA 2 isn't so secure anymore!

FW of Access Points:


Is this maybe related to @ ?


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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

@wediq32 wrote:

as soon as I choose WPA2+3 or only WPA3

Is Management Frame Protection set for "Required"?

In the WLC of Mobility Express you only have these Security Settings in WLAN's:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-03 um 03.27.06.png

Not the one from older Controllers via dedicated HW/VM WLC's

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-03 um 03.27.18.png


I also checked CLI but didn't found it on the fast lane..


Any more thoughts?

In the first Picture you can also see the WPA toggles..

WPA3 doesn't work.. it tries to connect but doesn't gets an ip from DHCP.. as soon as I remove the WPA3 toggle it works..

Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Is this a Samsung phone?

Sadlywise ita not limited to one device.

Its the same with a iphone 8/X/13, multiple Windows 10 and also MacOS  Devices…


Can it realy be that there is such a bad bug in there? 🤦🏼‍

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