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Flip Ultra U1120 overheating, unresponsive - can footage be retrieved?

I have a Flip Ultra U1120 here, one of two owned by my friend. He's a rapper and doesn't have a computer, so he brings me his Flips to upload footage of him performing, for posting on YouTube. Last time, I just turned the Flip on, plugged it into my laptop's usb port and footage was easy as pie to upload. The computer just recognised it without any additional software.

This time (with the other Flip), I turned it on, plugged in, and nothing happened. Then I realised it had no batteries in it. Duh! OK, I grabbed two rechargeables AAs that I knew were good - they were my special camera batteries, Eneloop Pro Ni-MH and brand new - they arrive fully charged. I put them in and turned on the Flip. Its screen turned on, so I connected it to the laptop. Unfortunately, to plug into the usb port, the camera had to be laid face down on my table. The Flip wasn't being recognised and I wondered why. Eventually I decided to unplug it and was scared to find the whole camera red hot and the screen becoming fogged as I watched! So I took the batteries out, pronto.

Later on, I tried with some more 'standard' rechargeables and the Flip briefly turned on, then off, and wouldn't come on again. So I gave in and bought some fresh, normal branded disposable batteries. The Flip still doesn't turn the screen on but it again gets very hot with batteries in it when I try to turn it on.

So...a number of questions. (1) Did I short-circuit the camera somehow with my high-falutin' batteries? [I'm buying him a new camera anyway.] (2) Is the footage likely lost already? (3) If not lost, can I retrieve the footage? (4) If I do the reset thing with the tripod socket, will that delete any footage which has been retained in the memory?

NB: I am in the UK. Thank you for any advice you are able to give me.