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Read more about the Community itself, pitch ideas for future enhancements and meet those who run it!

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cisco avature and cisco - joining

Why cisco avature??? How a new grad will get access to it??? There should be some guideness. I saw many students are facing problem with that. They will apply jobs in cisco and they will get selected and they will get a message to access to offer but...

June Community Update

Community Engineering Updates Content Syndication: Enabled better data capture for syndicated content by removing the need for hidden “transition” boards. User Interface Messaging for Search Server Issue: Updated clarity of the user messaging and re-...

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Meet Benoît Ode - Cisco Designated VIP 2024

Meet Benoît ODE, our new Cisco Designated VIP 2024. Benoît Ode is a network architect passionate about the design and optimization of communications infrastructures. He claims, “Being recognized as a Cisco Designated VIP, it encourages me to continue...

Benoit Ode_VIP Spotlight_v2.png
Jimena Saez by Community Manager
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No invoice and hardcopy of visa to Japan

hi, I booked my lab exam in Japan, Tokyo and  even after paying for the lab exam I still haven't got my receipt which I desperately need as the Embassy of Japan (Visa office) requires proof of payment of exam. I have been waiting for my invoice of pa...

Any Good Routing Lab Manuals?

I've went trough just about every routing lab manual I can think of studying for my CCNP ENARSI, and I'm Looking for more; Lab manuals I have completed:Narkbik Kochrins Bridging the Gap CCNP CCIE (working through this, almost done)Narbik Kochrins CCI...

hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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Code with Cisco 2024

Why did only a few applicants received mails regarding the further process of code with cisco? I filled up the form before it closed on 6th and still haven't got any follow up mail.

Cisco Sustainability Central

‘The Plan for Possible’Sustainability 101 blog seriesCisco ESG reporting hubCisco sustainability programs, products and servicesCommunity/social impacts   We launched a #CommunityPoll on social in September, asking “Are you keen to know more about wh...

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Vivien Chia by Community Manager
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Webex account merge requests

Use of a Webex Login in Cisco Community has been decommissioned effective February 28, 2023. Going forward you must use a account to log into Cisco Community.  For community members who used Webex login previously:  We don’t want you to los...

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IT Essentials teaching and grading

I am teaching IT Essentials for the first time this fall and would love to talk to someone who has already taught it. I am concerned about1) pacing2) grading3) presenting the materialAny help you could give me would be greatly appreciated

bbinkley by Level 1
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NetAcad - Final Exam problem

Hello, I ran into a problem today. During another class at school, my instructor came to see me and said that I signed up for the Final exam and I don't know anything about it, it just says to him that I tried to sign up. I haven't even filled out th...

What application - SSH a telnet klient pro iPhone/iPad

Hello, I tried to find an application for SSH and telnet client from a secure manufacturer (Cisco, Microsoft, etc.) but there is no official application for mobile devices (iPhone/iPad). In general, there are a lot of applications for SSH and telnet,...

Petr Kriz by Level 1
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