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Auto Tool to add Edge Node

I recently posted this in another forum, but thought it could be helpful here.  The idea is to automate the following:

-Add device to inventory in DNAC

-Assign NAD to site in DNAC

-Update unique NAD fields in ISE so that authz policies were not conflicting

-Provision device to fabric

-Provision interfaces for host onboarding for user devices and closed auth template

At the moment the first three tasks have been successfully completed, and tested (code below).  Unfortunately, there is a current bug relating to the siteNameHierarchy field that is needed in order to leverage other APIs that Cisco is aware of and tracking that creates an issue with task/phase 4 (Provision device to fabric).  Note: I have been advised that if your siteName has no spaces that you should not hit the bug.  Also, I have yet to attempt to tackle task 5 since hitting the bug, and the api throttling concerns.  We have found that this saves a decent amount of time and decreases user interaction with the DNAC admin gui. 

However, due to tasks 4/5 not being completed there are two manual steps needed which include an admin provisioning the NAD to fabric, and configuring interfaces for onboarding purposes via the DNAC gui. 


Note: Script works when an edge node is deployed to field with already configured underlay configs.  Also, be careful when tweaking ISE json fields as you may encounter issues with overwriting NAD information already received in ISE from DNAC via pxgrid after assigning to site.  Lastly other items will be unique in DNAC db such as site id.

DNAC ver:

ISE ver: 2.4p9

Python 2.7

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Re: Auto Tool to add Edge Node

Nice .. thanks for sharing this. 

Can I please suggest .. to use txt file .. docx can mess up the python formatting ..

or perhaps github for sharing .. 

thanks again 

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