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Call me now and being forwarded under outgoing calling plan


Thanks, guys
1. This question is regarding Broadsoft.
Do you know what the Call me now and being forward is configuring for?
Are these two categories under the outgoing calling plan?

2. What is the differences between simultaneous ring and Broadworks anytime?
I found out the only differences are BW has a Diversion inhibitor checkbox, a call answer confirmation checkbox, and BroadWorks-based Call Control Services checkbox. I assume the reason why we have the answer confirmation checkbox is that, back in the old time, people don't have a screen to show them the income call, so they have to pick up the phone first. At this moment, if can prevent them from picking up unintended calls.

Is the Call Control Services box really popular for users?  There are a lot of options that allow users to configure for call control services, so my assumption is that there will not be many people using it.

Thanks for the help.

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