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Cisco Software IOS-XE image selection - Name Confusion!

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Hi All,

This is not first I'm upgrading the switches.

But this time I really want to know which version should I go for. I cannot find any cisco documentation about it or nothing elsewhere neither nothing explains on the Cisco community.

Current Running Version = Amsterdam-17.3.05

Below Bengaluru-17.6.4(MD) and Amsterdam-17.3.6(MD) are stared images. Which one should I select and why?


Any Cisco employee please help with Cisco Docs or Cisco Live session and let this post be helpful for everyone once for all.




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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

We have been testing 17.3.5 and 17.6.4 and I am fairly happy with 17.6.4. 

NOTE:  17.6.5 is about to drop in 3 weeks time.  

Also, Cisco has announced End-of-Sale of 17.3.X and 17.6.X.  They are encouraging upgrading to 17.9.X.

Leo have you had any experience with 17.9.X? I'm about to move up from 17.3 and wonder whether to go 17.6 or straight to 17.9

We are rolling out 17.9.3 as we speak. 

Our 9800-80 (standalone for the time being) is on 17.9.3 and running in parallel with another 9800-80 on 17.6.4.  The results are telling.  

In the switch side, it is said that a pictures speaks a thousand words.6 x 93006 x 9300