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ISR 4221 router using SD-WAN version of iOS, won't boot to iOS XE version installed

Hi! I'm a student in a Net Acad program at a high school, so please try to understand that my knowledge and access to equipment is very limited.

My teacher ordered new 4221 routers for our program and they had a version of iOS that I think is a version for SD-WAN deployment. I've been trying to get it to boot into a version of iOS I think we'd be more familiar with, one where we don't have to type some "config-transaction" command that we've never seen. specifically we are trying to boot to (I think) iOS XE 16.6.6. No matter what I do, It will always boot into the SD-WAN iOS and not the one I want it to boot into. I've followed guides such as the following:

But none of them have changed anything. I can not at this moment provide any information that would come from the router as it is school property and I don't have access to it 24/7, only for about 2.5 hours a day. I can say that it tells me on boot that there is no valid BOOT image and then it resorts to the SD-WAN iOS. If any extra information is needed from the router, I can provide it but it would need to be during a weekday. Hopefully, I've provided enough here to help me find a solution.

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