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iPad set-up Instructions


These instructions should get you up and working on your iPad in your new digital workspace. If you do encounter any issues during set up, please visit our Daas setup troubleshooting guide or join the Webex Teams Support room for help. 


This service uses Citrix and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Access to your desktop will be through “Citrix StoreFront portal”, a digital workspace that fully aggregates all apps & data you need across all platforms.



Step 1: Open the App Store app on your iPad and search 'Citrix Workplace'. Download the app to your iPad.

app store.jpg

Step 2: Visit the Citrix StoreFront (India) or Citrix StoreFront (West US) in a web browser of your choice. If prompted, enter your Cisco credentials / SSO and complete Multi-factor authentication (PingID or Duo as applicable).


You should see this screen: Please note the URL will vary depending on store front selected above


followed by this screen: On this screen please click the arrow highlighted


Step 3: Click on Open as highlighted in the image below, this will trigger a download that you must open once complete.



Step 4: You should now be presented with a Launching screen as per the screenshot below


Step 4: Wait a few seconds for the connection to complete and Windows 10 login screen to appear as shown below. Enter your full Cisco email address e.g. (NOT just your username) and password to login.

Please note, when logging in for the 1st time the keyboard defaults to US keyboard settings, this is automatically updated to your regional settings for future logins. A guide to using the On-Screen US Keyboard.

DaaS desktop login.jpg



Step 5: Once Windows has loaded you should launch AnyConnect to access Cisco VPN, this can be found by searching in the windows Task bar for AnyConnect. You will need to choose the correct connection point from the drop down, this will be determined by the connection that is geographically closest to the location of your Cloud Desktop.

Connection Points:

Amsterdam: Amsterdam - DaaS

US West Coast: San Jose - DaaS

Southern India: Bangalore - DaaS

Singapore: Singapore - DaaS

DUO Help


Step 6: You will be prompted to continue through the Cisco Unified Setup Assistant (CUSA). Use this to download the Cisco apps you need for your digital workspace e.g. Webex Teams, Google Chrome. If CUSA does not launch it can be found on the desktop.

N.B. if presented with either a pingID or DUO prompt at this time please skip that step, also please ensure that  'No' is selected for the data migration option.




Step 7: Open Outlook and follow the steps to complete the configuration.


Step 8: The Cloud Desktop solution is designed to utilize Cisco's cloud storage applications, you should keep all content on O365 and SharePoint or Box depending on what access you have. Please note you should not store content on the Cloud Desktop machine.

N.B. you may be prompted to restart your Cloud Desktop, once restarted you can access your Cloud Desktop via the correct link in step 9.


Step 9: Bookmark the Cloud Desktop Launch URL on the local device you are using for Cloud Desktop so you can launch in the future.


San Jose:


*NB. Please ensure that you always save your work when disconnecting from your Cloud Desktop, failure to do so may result in lost work.*


Congratulations, you’re all set to access your digital workspace!