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Marking Discussion Replies as Accepted Solutions





Welcome to Cisco Community. This document explains what is an Accepted Solution and how to mark a reply to a discussion as Accepted Solution (or correct answer).

An Accepted Solutions is a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted. When you accept a solution, both the question and the solution get special icons and links that take you directly from the question to the answer.

Accepted Solutions differ from Helpful Votes in that Accepted solutions only work in discussion replies, while community members can give a helpful vote to any content: discussion replies, documents, videos, blogs, or events.

Another unique thing about Accepted Solutions is that only the person that posted the question (or created the discussion thread) will have the ability to mark one or more of the replies as Accepted Solutions. Other people like Community Managers and Cisco Designated VIPs also have the permission to mark discussion replies as Accepted Solutions.

How to mark Discussion Replies as Accepted Solution

These are the steps to mark a reply as an Accepted Solution:


  1. Login into Cisco Community by clicking on the Login link in the top right corner image.png
  2. When you see a discussion reply you find has a solution, click on the Accept Solution Buttonimage.png

Once you mark it a couple of things will happen:

  • The reply you marked as accepted solution will show up as the first reply on the discussion thread and will show in Green


  • The Discussion thread show a Green Check mark indicated it solved. It also shows "Solved" 


  • In the Discussions Board where the question is posted, it will show as solvedimage.png
  • The community member that provided the reply will see the number of solutions incremented in his/her profile


How to get only Accepted Solutions when we search on the Community

When you search content on the community, you can filter for discussions that have been solved. To do this do the following:

  1. Enter your search keywords on the search window
  2. When you get the results lick on Metadata and select "SOLVED".  This is the filter that will show you only discussions that have been marked as Accepted Solution or resolved by the person who created the discussion or by Community Managers or Cisco Designated VIPs.


Additional Information

You can find additional information about Accepted Solutions in the Community Help - Accepted Solutions

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