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API 2.2 PUT op/apService/accessPoint


I'm trying to start working with the v2.2 API to start updating some of the data on our wireless access points. I'm trying to use this API end-point:


I want to update the locationHierarchy information. Is this possible via this API? The locationHierarchy field is not one of those mentioned in the "Request Payload Parameters" documentation, so I didn't know if this was something you could update or not?

I also need to update AP name and mapLocation, and those fields are listed in the API doc, so I'm pretty confident I can update those. At this point I don't have my permissions squared away to do PUT operations so I'm asking this with no actual results to be able to speak to my experience so far.

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Working on a similar issue, tried to download and use multiple filters to retrieve LW AP device details. Appears to have limited filtering criteria. In addition, after extracting the device ID and Name , the project is to rename the APs and perform an AP PUSH to update these device names. Scripting will be used to run through the 4000+ APs export, and then create a PUSH file to change the Device name. Where do we find examples the provide an insight into the format for each device operation in order to change the Device Name?

Open to and response.


Spencer Zier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately, location hierarchy configuration is not supported.

Thank you Spencer, there are major corporations hoping to use Prime Infrastructure, and the APIs to streamline their network management. So far the WLC solutions have been solved using CLI scripts rather than the API services, Prime Infrastructure, or APIC-EM.

Thanks again for the information,

Bill Burton

CCSI # 94043

CCIE # 1119

I'm trying to automate shuffling of lightweight APs into various ap-groups dynamically.  I'm assuming the provisioning/configuration of the ap-group parameter falls into this problem as well.

Are there plans to extend the REST functionality into future versions?


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